Fashion Designing Courses

If your favorite game in your childhood was making clothes for your toys and making creative changes in your own apparel, then I think people like you are absolutely those who are destined to become a fashion designer. However, becoming a fashion designer is not an easy job and you […]

10 Reasons to Buy Crystals Over Diamonds

When someone says “Swarovski Crystal” most people will think luxurious, expensive, and sparkly. When someone says “Diamonds” what do most people think of? Luxurious, expensive and sparkly! In a down economy, we all have had to make some cut backs on the unnecessary things in our lives. This is a […]

The Meaning of Wearing Anklets

Also known as ankle chain or ankle bracelet, the anklet is a piece of ornament jewelry around the ankle. Many people wonder that if there is any special meaning of wearing anklets. Today, let’s talk about this from both synchronic and diachronic view. There is no doubt that the anklet […]