Day: February 19, 2021

Saweetie Is Bringing Her “Icy” Nail Style To A Drugstore Near You

Many things have become synonymous with Saweetie: catchy tunes, funny IG skits, a glamorous fashion sense, and her nails — which have taken on a life of their own. The “Best Friend” rapper, née Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, is never without a fresh set of claws, either solid-painted or in a decked-out design.

That nail game is exactly why SinfulColors tapped Saweetie as its newest brand ambassador, though it’s especially fitting considering the star has been a self-proclaimed nail junkie for most of her life. “I remember going to the salon and saying yes to everything that was suggested to me,” Saweetie tells us over Zoom. “Then the price comes out being ridiculous, and you’re like, ‘Wait, we’re supposed to be friends, you were supposed to hook me up.“ The rapper says that, in addition to helping her develop a taste for cutting-edge nail art, those

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Are Ladies Truly Superior to Males?

While doing my search for this suggestion, I stumbled upon something intriguing on the internet. At a medical facility the relatives gathered in the waiting area, where a member of the family lay seriously ill. Ultimately, the doctor was available in looking worn out and significant.
Evaluating the worried faces, the medical professional said, “I’m afraid I’m the holder of bad news. The only hope left for your loved one currently is a mind transplant. It’s an experimental treatment, extremely dangerous, you will certainly have to pay for the brain yourselves.”
The family members rested silent as they soaked up the information. After an excellent length of time, a person asked, “Well, just how much does a mind expense?”
The doctor swiftly responded, “$ 5,000 for a male mind, as well as $200 for a women mind.”

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