Day: September 5, 2021

Designer Liz Lange reveals rise, fall of ‘Jewish Kennedys’ family

Fashion designer Liz Lange was at her Manhattan apartment, in 2001, when things began to unravel.

“There was loud knocking, an unfriendly knocking, maybe the way it sounds when the police come to your door,” Lange told The Post. “There was a man who said he was there to take my car.”

Repo men were not typically part of her rarified world. The founder of Liz Lange Maternity and now the CEO and head designer of the fashion brand Figue, she was the niece of Saul Steinberg. Six years earlier, the billionaire ranked among the city’s wealthiest.

Her father, Bobby, was Saul’s brother. Together, the siblings engineered corporate takeovers and controlled well-known brands such as Day’s Inn and Reliance Insurance.
“I told this person that there had to be a mistake,” Lange said of the repo man. “I sent bills to my father’s office and they got paid. I was

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