Day: September 21, 2021

5 trends we loved from the Spring/Summer 2022 shows

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Welcome back, New York Fashion Week!

We were all kind, all optimistic and all armoured with very nice words about the virtual reality existence that fashion brands and their shows have surrendered to in the past year-or-so. The excitement and sweet, sweet sincerity about the return of runways; the return of a real-life audience; the return of after-parties, however, make it quite clear: there’s nothing like a show experienced in real-time, in-person. The runway looks certainly did not disappoint in the few days counting down to the also-revived Met Gala — it was the bold, the brash and the beatific that led the way. Understandably. For the joy — the fun! — in clothes; in the institution, the designers, the people that keep this industry alive.

Below, just a handful of trends we saw, loved and can’t wait to wear.

Trend #1: Hey, Your

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