Day: October 21, 2021

Tracy Philips show you how easy and fun it is to live a sustainable fashion life

(PHOTO: Tracy Philips)

(PHOTO: Tracy Philips)

By: Susanah Cheok

SINGAPORE – A predilection for vintage styles initiated Tracy Phillips into the world of sustainable fashion. Admittedly, as a teenager, she loved and bought vintage because she liked the looks of eras past, and because she could afford them, not because she wanted to be green or practise circular fashion. Inevitably though, those early years of buying vintage eventually sharpened in her a keen sense for living a sustainable lifestyle.

Says the director of PPURPOSE, a company that creates culturally-evolved programming for brands, spaces, and people through cause marketing, social outreach and content curation, “I’ve loved vintage and shopped second-hand since my teens, though honestly, it was less about sustainability then and more because I just love styles from past eras and it was what I could afford. But that induction into fashion meant that I’ve never needed things to be brand new

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