Day: October 29, 2021

All About Whitney Thore’s BFF Heather Sykes

On My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Heather Sykes is Whitney Way Thore’s best friend. Here’s everything about Heather’s friendship with Whitney and more.

On My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Heather Sykes is one of Whitney Way Thore’s best friends, and it’s time to share facts about Whitney’s pal. The close friend has shown a lot of love for the dancer and has supported her throughout all of her issues. Now, TLC viewers would like to get to know the mother of two a bit better. Heather is stealing scenes in the current season, and most fans love her personality.

There is no doubt that Whitney has a close bond with all of her friends, who sometimes act like members of a small tribe. Heather has appeared on My Big Fat Fabulous Life since 2015. The womens’ friendship has not always been the smoothest, as they have often butted heads

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