25 Gender Neutral Haircuts For A More Androgynous Look

Remember when you were once told short haircuts might make you look boyish? Well, it’s time to finally give up that thinking for good. Hair doesn’t have to dictate a specific gender, and the gender neutral haircut is in. That’s why you’ve seen celebs like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Zoë Kravitz owning more androgynous styles like pixie cuts, bobs, and even bringing back the mullet.

Though there are a few genderless styles that will let you play around with length, most gender neutral haircuts tend to go shorter, so if you want to opt for one, prepare to chop off a few strands. But, how short you go is entirely up to you and your preferences. Kristin Bertolini, owner of private salon suite Rebel Roots hair, says there are no rules to achieving a genderless look. “I always advise potential clients to search by the cut, not the gender. For example, if there is an actor or actress that has a style they’re looking for, no matter the gender, show me those pictures.”

Instead, she advises that if you are going for a genderless look, your cut should reflect your lifestyle. “If you don’t like to spend a lot of time styling, or don’t prefer to use a lot of styling product, opt for a lower-maintenance cut over a cut that involves excessive styling.” She also says that though short hair can down on styling time, it does still require a lot of maintenance. “Remember, the shorter the cut, the more trips to the salon for upkeep. The average lifespan of a short cut is 3-7 weeks,” Bertolini notes.

You should also work with your hairstylist to pick a haircut that flatters your face shape, Bertolini adds. But one tip she has is to make sure your hair is cut strategically. “If there are points in your face you’d rather not draw focus to, always avoid cuts that are their heaviest in those areas. For example, diamond face shapes should avoid styles that are bulky at the cheekbones,” she says

If you’re feeling inspired to take on your own androgynous look, here are a few gender neutral haircut ideas that flatter all kinds of face shapes and lifestyles.


Angled Pixie

This angled pixie will give you a sleek look you can spruce up with a pop of color or hints of highlight.


Pixie Lob

Think of this haircut as a reverse mullet. Wear it for a look that’s sharp and short in the back and shaggy in the front.


One-Side Buzz

Opt for the best of both worlds with this cut that gives you freedom to just let your hair be on one side with an opportunity to buzz it and add some color on the other.


Faded Half Bob

This haircut consists of a fade and undercut that transitions into a cute wavy bob after the hair part. It’s ideal for showing off your neck, and ear jewelry too.


Shaggy Lob With Bangs

Travel back in time a few decades with this haircut that’s ideal for a wash n’ go (you may have to blow out the bangs, though).


Mullet With Undercut

Curly hair will thrive and look extra voluminous with this mullet, no matter what your curl type is.


Parted Bob

Keeping a little bit of extra length in the back lets you play with your hairstyles more, like the flipped ends on this model’s hair.


Two-Tone With Shaved Sides

Buzzing the sides while adding color and texture to the top will give you a stylishly shagged look.


Asymmetrical Wavy Pixie

An asymmetrical pixie can come off as punky or polished, depending on how you style it, but it’s super easy to air dry.


Soft Mullet

If you don’t want to commit to short hair, but have loved the mullet look ever since Rihanna made them cool again, here’s the perfect gender neutral cut.


Pixie Bowl Cut

A pixie bowl like Charlize Theron’s cut screams sophisticated, but edgy. Get one for a truly versatile look.


Buzz Cut

A buzz cut will give you a bold and confident look. You can dye it your fave color to give it some added dimension.


Mid Fade Cut

Cut down on styling time by keeping it neat, but cool on the sides, and a little shaggy on top.


Razor Cut Bob

Taking a razor to your ends after chopping them with scissors will give you a more texturized and fuller look.


Pixie Cut

A traditional pixie cut is easy to wear and style. It pulls the focus to your face, so it’ll play up your best features.


Mullet With Moon Bangs

This remix on a traditional mullet takes bangs to the next level by wrapping them around your face and profile.


Bedhead Bob

If you want a shorter, no-fuss cut, this bedhead bob is about to become your new look.


High-Low Fade With Design

You can personalize a low cut like this by having your design of choice sheared onto the side of your head.


Temple Undercut Pixie

You can elevate your pixie haircut to give off impressively cool vibes by adding an undercut to its profile.


Textured Bob

Playing with the ends of your bob can give your hair a layered look that makes it instantly appear fuller.


Undercut Asymmetrial Bob

An undercut is ideal for reducing styling time if you have thick hair that’s a little harder to manage.


Undercut Bob

A cut like this elongates the neck and calls attention to the face, which is perfect for makeup and jewelry lovers.


Curly Pompadour

If you’ve got big, curly hair you want to show off without crowding your face, go for a cute, high-volume pompadour like this one.


Short Wavy Bob

This short wavy bob is an effortless look that’s versatile enough to pair with sweats or fancy dresses.


Bedhead Short Mullet

You can add another element of style to this choppy haircut by giving it some color for added playfulness.

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