All About Whitney Thore’s BFF Heather Sykes

On My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Heather Sykes is Whitney Way Thore’s best friend. Here’s everything about Heather’s friendship with Whitney and more.

On My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Heather Sykes is one of Whitney Way Thore’s best friends, and it’s time to share facts about Whitney’s pal. The close friend has shown a lot of love for the dancer and has supported her throughout all of her issues. Now, TLC viewers would like to get to know the mother of two a bit better. Heather is stealing scenes in the current season, and most fans love her personality.

There is no doubt that Whitney has a close bond with all of her friends, who sometimes act like members of a small tribe. Heather has appeared on My Big Fat Fabulous Life since 2015. The womens’ friendship has not always been the smoothest, as they have often butted heads about men and travel. However, there is no doubt that Heather is there for her buddy, Whitney. During her time on the show, she has pushed Whitney to conquer her fears, whether she’s encouraging her to go to the beach or sign up for a plus-sized fashion show. Viewers consider Heather a ride-or-die kind of pal and think that everyone needs someone like her in their life.

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Heather is a Greensboro native, and she’s been friends with Whitney for a decade and a half. According to Heather‘s LinkedIn, she has been employed for 15 years, and she works for Market America’s Whitney, who hopes to become a mom too, has a successful friend, as Heather got promoted and is now a Global Director of Editorial. She attended The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. Heather was also a part of the communication studies honorary, Lambda Pi Eta. She has now branched out into Cameo videos and charges $15 for a nice shoutout. Heather is divorced and the proud mother of a son, Eli, and a daughter, Ava. She also loves fur babies, as seen below, via her Whitney Instagram. Heather is active on Facebook.

To learn about Heather, fans need to go back to the beginning. The mother of two was introduced on the show as the girlfriend of Buddy Bell. Yes, both of Whitney’s best friends dated one another. While this was a little awkward for Whitney, the two seemed to make a good couple, until it was revealed that Buddy lived with drug addiction. After the breakup, Heather and Whitney made an effort to work on their friendship. Sadly, due to the worldwide pandemic, Heather and Whitney’s relationship was hard to maintain, as spending time together was hard to do.

Currently, the two reality stars are on vacation with the rest of their friends in Maine. While Whitney was hoping to connect with her Frenchman (finally), it looks like the TLC star will need to rely on her friends for support instead. Luckily, Heather and the rest of the gang are there to lift their friend up. Viewers hope that they get to see more of Heather and her purple hair as she continues to steal the show. Heather has always spoken nicely about Whitney, noting that she is full of positive energy. Who could forget the time Whitney’s loyal friend Heather cursed Chase Severino’s unborn child? This move certainly got noticed.

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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