Java Games for Your Cell Phone

Are you one of those people who get tired when standing in queue? Can’t stop multitasking no matter what you do? Maybe you need to download some games for your cell phone. Java games are based on a very skinny programming language, and have surprisingly great functionality even on a […]

Strategies to Master Cornhole Games

If you have just started to get into playing cornhole, whether it’s with your family or friends, and you want to improve your skills, then you need to understand some basic strategies, and physics, in order to be successful. Granted, cornhole has increased in popularity in recent years and that […]

13th Birthday Party Ideas

13th birthday party ideas, why? Because thirteen is a big deal. It is a milestone for kids, they become teenagers. It is the beginning of a new era in their lives. Here are some fun party ideas for a 13th birthday party. How about a Sleepover party? Girls love to […]

How to Play Bible Baseball

Have you been to a baseball game lately? No? Then start a game of your own – Bible Baseball style! Set Up: You will need 4 bases – one home plate, one 1st base, one 2nd base, and one 3rd base. You will also need one card of each of […]

Family Jewelry – Treasured Family Heirlooms

We have all heard of the infamous “grandma’s ring” or Aunt Mary’s necklace. For generations family members have always gravitated to that one piece of jewelry that symbolized their family bond. That one piece of jewelry you always remembered seeing your loved one wear. Passing on these beautiful pieces of […]

Ill Effects of Sexualization of Children

Children are growing up too fast. They are growing up in a toxic atmosphere of consumerism, overexposure to media and aggressive marketing. The cyber revolution offers free communication and uninhibited visuals which sexualize and objectify children at an early age. Body image and appearance become the primary focus. Long before […]

The Importance Of Sports Equipment

Sports are a very popular interest worldwide as there are many varieties people can choose from to indulge themselves in. Some people are interested in football while others like basketball. Some love the water and prefer swimming, while others like to speed inside a racing car. It doesn’t matter what […]