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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and How Fashion Is Important to the Story

Have you ever looked at the clothes an anime character was wearing and thought: “Wow, that has to be from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”? It’s not surprising if you have. Jojo, as a series, prides itself on being larger than life in every aspect, and that definitely includes fashion. Every chapter and character has a distinct style, and these styles are important to the worldbuilding of the series. They set the time period and location, of course, but they also help the audience understand some fundamental aspects of the characters, and how they express themselves. It’s also a way to slip in references not only from other parts of the series, but from outside influences that inspired it.

As with any series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure uses fashion to set the scene. Each Part of Jojo takes place in a different era, and thus, the style varies greatly. “Phantom

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Industry Insiders Break Down How To Get Into The Business At ESSENCE Fashion House

Three fashion insiders shared their paths to creating progress at the 2021 ESSENCE Fashion House. Chris Collins, Founder of World Of Chris Collins, Groovey Lew Fashion Consultant and Celebrity Stylist, and Brandice Daniel CEO and Founder of Harlem’s Fashion Row, revealed how they worked their way into the industry during the “Black Fashion & Beyond: The Journey To Success” panel. 

Lew revealed that networking across helped him succeed. “That’s one thing I did is reach out to my Black designers,” he said. “And see if I can assist them, or if I can work with them and that’s what helped me build.” He named June Ambrose, April Walker, and Karl Kani as examples of those he connected with and said those in his community seemed more approachable than “Polo,” or “Tommy Hilfiger,” at the time.  

Collins, a former Ralph Lauren model who is also a heavyweight in

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The Best Statement Fashion at the 2021 Met Gala Spoke For Itself

Last night’s Met Gala was larger than life. Perhaps it’s because the original plan was to host an intimate gathering that would feel safe in the face of a continuing pandemic, or it could simply be that after a year and some change of little to no in-person events, fashion’s biggest night back in real life felt even bigger. Either way, the night’s red carpet seemed to stretch into infinity, starting at 5:30 pm on the front steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and running until just around 10:30 pm, when Rihanna and ASAP Rocky made their grand entrance.

Plans for the small gathering seemed to have been scrapped, as photo wires show just about the same amount of celebs walking the red carpet as did in, say, 2019 (though seating for the dinner was apparently cut by a third to allow for social distancing).

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Lil Nas X Just Recreated the “Industry Baby” Music Video on the VMAs Stage

Lil Nas X brought his latest music video to life on the VMAs stage.

The Montero singer showed out with his energetic performance of his latest single, “Industry Baby,” featuring Jack Harlow. Nas X began the performance in old-school VMA fashion, entering the stadium floor with an all-Black marching band wearing pink uniforms.

After making his way to the set, an all-pink version of the video’s Montero State Prison, the star stripped down to pink pants to perform the twerk-heavy choreography along with his many backup dancers.

Photo credit: John Shearer/MTV VMAs 2021 - Getty Images

Photo credit: John Shearer/MTV VMAs 2021 – Getty Images

Harlow brought his swagger to his performance, rapping his verse solo while clad in a shiny black short sleeve jumpsuit.

Nas X also performed the music video’s infamous shower scene, while wearing just a pair of pink bedazzled briefs. He ended the performance with the chorus of his hit single “Montero (Call Me

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