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Princess Charlene of Monaco defends shaved ‘half-hawk’ haircut: ‘My decision’

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Princess Charlene of Monaco has defended her “half-hawk” buzz cut after the haircut was met with mixed reactions when the royal first unveiled it in December.

Princess Charlene, the wife of Prince Albert, showed off the edgy haircut, which saw the side and back of her head shaved, for the first time on 16 December while handing out gifts at the royal family‘s annual Christmas party at the palace, according to People.

Now, in a new interview with French magazine Point de Vue, the royal has stood by her decision to try out the haircut, telling the outlet that the style “pleases” her despite it provoking “all kinds of comments”.

The 42-year-old opened up about the new look in response to a question about dealing with the criticism as a public figure, with Princess Charlene telling the outlet: “This haircut was

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Rita Ora’s hair has Masked Singer fans calling for ‘sacking’ as haircut causes Twitter uproar

Masked Singer panellist Rita Ora had TV fans in uproar on Saturday night as her new hairstyle sent Twitter into meltdown.

Calls to “sack the stylist” were amongst some on the tweets, although some fans praised her interesting new look.

Taking centre stage should have been the double elimination, as the popular ITV show kicked off at the weekend, but instead it was panellist Rita’s hair that took much of the viewers attention.

They couldn’t quite get their heads round her very 80s do, with some saying whoever was responsible for it should get sacked.

Fans of the show flocked to Twitter to make comparisons, with some fans likening her to Shirley Carter from EastEnders.

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The Masked Singer is back for a second series

Others said she was trying to emulate Miley Cyrus’ recent look, while names like

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This California man is changing homeless people’s lives with haircuts

Jason Schneidman believes a haircut can change your life.

Jason Schneidman believes a haircut can change your life. That’s why he’s cutting hair for the homeless.

Schneidman, 50, has been cutting hair since he was 14 years old and always had a passion for using style to improve people’s confidence.

“The first time I [cut hair] I thought the whole transformation was amazing,” Schneidman said. “I’ve always been into the reward of making people change.”

Schneidman battled addiction throughout his adult life and went through rehabilitation four times before getting sober 16 years ago. As he was battling addiction, he also experienced homelessness.

“I was homeless for two years,” Schneidman said. “When I was in the streets and addicted to drugs I was very alone and felt very disconnected.”

Once Schneidman became

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The Unspoken Bias Of Interview-Worthy Hair

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Wearing your natural hair or a protective hairstyle during an interview is like walking past the police with a hoodie on your head. Even though you’re doing nothing wrong, you’re still likely to be seen in a negative light. This similar level of discrimination against Black hair has a crucial impact on why African-American women generally don’t wear their natural hair for a job interview or find themselves leery about doing so. There is even some hesitation when already employed, to go outside of what some deem the “norm.” According to a study done by the Perception Institute, Black women are “twice as likely to report social pressure to straighten their hair at work compared to white women.” 

From the 19th century to today’s society, Black women have struggled with owning their natural hair and protective hairstyles because of what was deemed

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