Christmas Gift ideas? Here are the Best Norwegian Gifts

Traveler's Choice: 15 Norwegian Gifts from Oslo

It’s the season of celebration. Christmas comes with a lot of goodies and presents. What will you love to give your loved ones this Christmas? From various reviews in Norway, Norwegians have special taste when it comes to gifting during Christmas.

Just like the uniqueness of Norwegian Christmas decorations, Norwegian gift ideas to are very special.

Read this article to the end to find out the gift ideas in Norwegian culture.

Best Norwegian Gifts

Norwegian Wool Hat 

Norwegian wool hats are a perfect gift for Christmas to gift your loved ones. It’s fit for the cozy Christmas weather and handy because it’s the season of snow. A Norwegian wool hat, mittens, or scarf instead is a direct representation of Norwegian culture, so anyone you give will surely value it.

Kari Traa 

Norwegians are big fans of wool and knit materials. The most popular wool underlayers in Norway are made by Kari Traa. The patterns are very cute and very Norwegian. This particular clothing is usually worn by Norwegians that stay in the mountains. Many Norwegian women and children wear Kari Traa leggings, shirts and stockings. So, if you are stuck on what to give your loved one, you can try Kari Traa.

Mommin Mugs 

Mostly used as souvenirs, mommin mugs are mugs made with the design of Finnish fairy tale creatures that look like white hippos but apparently are actually not. Most households in Norway have it. You can gift your favorite people too and make them feel Norwegian. 

Hygge socks

Well-patterned hygge socks are a beautiful and perfect Norwegian Christmas gift you can give your loved ones. Showcasing the aesthetic nature of the Norwegian culture, it’s usually valued among Norwegians especially as gifts because they cherish it and always want to own one. So, hygge socks are there for you to get your Norwegian family and friends.

Norwegian Sweaters 

Norwegian sweaters are so toasty and beautiful. If you are fortunate to get quality ones, you can wear them for your lifetime. This is why Norwegians value the sweater. So, it’s a perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas.

Norwegian Novel 

Norwegian novels are a perfect gift for your loved ones who are bookworms. Many people don’t give books or novels as gifts during Christmas, so if you want to stand out and give your loved ones a gift that will remain evergreen, a Norwegian novel is an answer.

Norwegian Waffle Iron 

Norwegian waffle irons are one of the best in the Nordic region.

Though it might be difficult to get it is surely worth the stress. This heart-shaped waffle iron is a perfect gift item this Christmas.

Norwegian Christmas Cookies 

Norwegian cookies are delicious and crunchy. They are some of the best in the whole Nordic region. Most of the cookies are homemade and made from natural Norwegian ingredients. 

It’s also suitable for children. Kids love cookies and will do anything to have one. A Norwegian cookie is a perfect gift idea to give your favorite people this Christmas. 

Norwegian Brown Cheese 

What’s more Norwegian than brown cheese? This would also be a fun gift for someone who has never tried brown cheese before because it tastes very unique. Not everyone enjoys it though but it’s amazing to use in sauces and stews. You can buy Norwegian brown cheese as a gift meal. 

As Christmas draws near, now you’re no longer disturbed and undecided on what to give your favorite people. Norwegian gift ideas are great and I have mentioned the notable ones. Try it and you will be glad that you did. 

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