Classic Lingerie Fantasy Costumes

Let’s Play Dress-Up!

Dressing up for the bedroom engages the imagination, the senses and takes intimacy outside of its routine to a stimulating realm of infinite possibilities – such potential! If you’ve ever considered adding a lingerie fantasy costume or two to your bedroom life but aren’t sure where to begin, why not consider the following classic ways to play dress up with that someone special?

Back to School

There are so many different variations on the school girl theme costume that there’s sure to be one for your fantasy scenario! In everything from cotton to leather to wool, all it takes is a pleated mini skirt and a mind for mischief to create a lingerie look with academic aptitude. Toss on some glasses, knee socks or thigh highs and a button down shirt or a strappy cami top and you are ready to be schooled, you bad thing! Try some candy colored high-heeled mary-janes for an extra bounce in your step! This look is all about showing off your legs, so have fun with it! Some great twists on this theme include the hot teacher, the dirty librarian or a manga style teacher’s pet.

Maid Service

Does a French maid actually do any cleaning? With feather duster in hand and a tight and tiny uniform to excite the onlooker, it’s very likely that her allure will convince someone else to do the housework! Lady butlers with suit jacket teddies and tails are also popular in the service theme category. Maid service costumes can be made of everything from cotton to mesh to slick vinyl so there’s bound to be one to fulfill your fantasy needs! Another tantalizing lingerie costume idea: try going about your normal chores dressed in nothing but a frilly apron or match it with a tiny thong or g-string panty! You may want to plan on doing the real housework later because you won’t be able to get much done looking like that!

Sports Fantasies

Complaining about your partner’s love of sports is not sexy – it’s alienating. Dressing up in sexy sports gear for your partner is bonding and exciting. Fantasy football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hunting, sailing, golfing – you name the sport and there’s bound to be a skimpy costume that shows you’re a fan while showing some skin! It’s up to you and your imagination to redefine what it means to play a contact sport.

Bad Girls

The badder the better! For a costume fantasy that tempts a good man to sinful delights cloak yourself in a dangerous look! Think of the film noir style femme fatale with her back seamed fishnets, oversized sunglasses, and a pistol hidden in her handbag. What about a tattooed jailbird in a too tight correctional facility uniform? Perhaps you prefer a slinky jewel thief in a cat suit or a Depression Era lady gangster with a machine gun. He knows you’re trouble, lady, and he just don’t care! Or reverse the fun and bring the law down on your bad boy with a tight and tempting police officer or federal agent ensemble! Whatever side of the bed you take; handcuffs are your ultimate accessory in this timeless tug of war!

Animal Kingdom

Sometimes you’re the hunter and sometimes you’re the prey. An animal themed get-up could be anything from basic lingerie in an animal print to a full on costume set with ears and a tail. Kitty cats purr when they’re being loved and petted but don’t forget that there are a menagerie of seductive animal themes to choose from. There are human characters in this category as well such as the safari hunter, the nature photographer or the unsuspecting two-legged quarry. Tarzan and Jane are standard characters in the lingerie animal kingdom, too. For an adult oriented game of tag that brings out your bedroom beast, try taking a walk on the wild side!

Pirates & Sailor Girls

It doesn’t get much more romantic than sailing the high seas in search of adventure! And as for pirate games, well, there’s no doubt that swashbuckling, rum guzzling and living to die another day can be very exciting! If maritime action gets your heart pounding then a sailor girl, pirate pin-up, buccaneer beauty, lady captain, first mate, or sexy swabby could be the fantasy lingerie costume for you!

Women in Uniform

Many women claim to be a “sucker for a man in uniform“. Women’s military style lingerie and attire never really fall from fashion favor, so one might assume that the sucker is a two way street! Retro military, branch military, dress uniforms, fatigues, and camouflage costumes in general will always get a special salute from the troops! For a dominance game, try a boot camp scenario. For something more exotic, try a military look from a distant time and place. Bring a dangerous edge to your presentation with a black ops or ninja look. Then take your fantasy completely over the top with a glamorous superhero inspired ensemble!

Exotic & International

Yes, the world is shrinking a bit and tasty goodies which once required globe trotting to attain can now be found locally. Nevertheless, cheongsam, dirndls, saris, Arabian Nights style harem costumes, kimonos, and feathery African themed fantasies still inspire the fascination of transforming the every day – you – into something a bit more exotic and exciting. Face paints, edible body paints, and costume specific props can only add to your experience. If you have trouble envisioning the exotic you, try looking to your cultural and ethnic traditions or those of your partner. Evoke another time and place with music and accessories. You need not limit yourself to reality. For instance why not try a futuristic or high tech look? The idea here is that taking your partner on a virtual vacation can be as simple as a trip to the bedroom.

Stimulate Your Synapses

There is no script and no one correct way of playing intimate dress-up games! A costume lingerie fantasy begins and ends with your imagination. Planning an adventure can stimulate your desires just as much as acting one out. Make sure your partner shares in the fantasy making process and let your most powerful erogenous zone, your brain, enjoy some attention!

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