Hair Loss Treatment Options for Afro American

Hair transplant for African American is different from other hair transplant procedures. This treatment is known to be a bit complex. But with the best doctor, you will get outstanding outcomes. Before the surgery, your doctor will examine your scalp to determine if you are the right candidate for this surgery. The doctor combines their artistry skills with the best hair restoration methods to generate perfect results during this surgery. 

Targeted sites for African American hair transplants are usually hair loss, scalp, hairline, and pattern baldness. Therefore, if you suffer from the above, you should schedule a consultation session with the surgeon to tell if you are a good fit for the treatment. Keep reading to learn more about hair transplants for African American.

What is African American Hair Restoration Treatment?

Due to the light and fragile nature of textured hair, performing this surgery tends to be quite complicated compared to other hair types. Hair strands are usually light and have a small circumference. Other than that, they are narrow and thin as well. Several hair types are found in textured hair patients, ranging from wavy to kinky-coil.

But you can find other textured hair patients with straight hair because they do not have kinky hair only. Even with siblings, hair texture tends to vary. You may find separate hair strands on one scalp but with a different texture. Typically, most people believe that textured hair is strong, but in a real sense, it is not. These hairs need to be handled with care since they are pretty delicate. Ensure you are keeping off the heat and use high-quality hair products to maintain textured hair.

Your doctor uses the FUE method during the African American hair transplant surgery. But they will need to change the steps along the way to ensure you get the desired outcome at the end of the treatment. In each procedure, the surgeon provides they analyze your requirements to see if you can achieve them using advanced hair restoration methods. There are factors needed to determine the hair transplant for African American, and these are;

· Our hair thickness can be fine, coarse, or medium

· Hair loss in the scalp

· Balding area size

· If your hair is curly or straight

How a Hair Transplant for African American Work

Typically, this procedure works by collecting hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them to the affected sites. Primarily, your surgeon collects hair from the back of your scalp because this area is resistant to hair loss. Doctors harvest hair follicles from this area to achieve hair density and thickness. Once the surgery is done, you will not be able to recognize yourself. The treatment will be natural and long-lasting.

There are primary hair treatment methods used during this surgery. The first technique is a follicular unit (FUE), and the second is follicular unit transplantation (FUT). To ensure that these treatments are effective, the doctor will blend your hair follicles seamlessly.

To tell the difference between your natural hair and the transplanted ones will be difficult after the procedure. The transplanted hair follicles are required to flow in the same direction as the natural hair to help achieve a natural appearance. The best outcome is usually achieved by staggering the donor hair replacement. This will also ensure that the site suffering from hair loss is covered well.

Benefits of Getting Hair Transplants for African Americans

Suppose you have textured hair and are suffering from a hair loss condition. The soundest thing to do is to have hair transplant surgery. This method will help in giving you a fuller head of hair. Before you decide on this surgery, you will go through an initial consultation session to ensure that you are an ideal candidate. The benefits you get from this surgery include the following;

· Lack of a linear scar

· It is a very effective treatment

· Creates natural results

· No pain or discomfort

· Provides permanent hair loss solutions


hair transplant for African American requires high precision. It would be best to find a competent surgeon because the surgery is challenging due to the nature of textured hair. Most patients wonder if this surgery will change their hair texture or make it better. However, this surgery is not meant to improve your hair texture but to restore the average hair growth. After the surgery, you will wait a few months to see the procedure’s outcome.

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