History of Bobblehead

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The beginning of doll making

Dolls are a playful toy for young ones, especially girls, as we all know that these toys are manufactured by modern technologies in recent years. But do you know that dolls aren’t the invention of the modern generation?

The very first puppet is assumed to be built in the 14’s when human civilization was flourishing rapidly. Although, it cannot be referred to as a full-fledged bobblehead doll. Above all, ancient puppets were built without any proper material and design.

Small pieces of the wooden stick were used in ancient times, and instead of using clay, they make use of ground soil which was available in plenty.

Hypothetically speaking, you can’t call a doll without a humanlike body shape and skin colour etc.

The proofs of the earlier existence of puppetries can be easily found in “Nikolai Gogol’s book ‘Temple Nodder’, in which he described this unique type of doll as the character who moves head infinite time.

Medieval Period

More or less, the medieval period saw a boost in the production of dolls and puppetries. Clever toymakers started designing toys that were related to any particular religion. And yes, this strategy seems to work still date.

Those with a strong belief over one or the other religion found such toys a heart-warming way to worship their gods and goddess.

In the 17th century, small figures of the Buddha were built extensively. Many historians and even archaeological surveys proved that the head part of these figures is similar to any other bobblehead in the present time.

Unlike the ancient time, in the medieval period, more advancement took place in the process of making. Well, the countries in the Asian continent like China, Tibet and Indian were the largest sellers of the Bobblehead back in those days. These countries managed to create the interest in Bobblehead in westerners. Yes, the western and some part of European territory purchased these fun toys from them in a huge quantity.

Modern era Bobblehead

When it comes to Bobbleheads of the modern era, advanced technology is used to avoid human errors and make more toys at the same time. It is not a surprise to say that ultra-realistic Bobblehead dolls are available in the toy shops, which, if compared with that of the ancient one, many things are considered.

There are some artists who offer custom bobbleheads which were not possible in earlier days. Custom bobbleheads can be made of your favourite film star, you, your family members or someone you love the most, like your friends.

The use of multiple colours, outfit designs, shapes and stainless springs may shoot up the price range, but it’s worth buying for sure.


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