How to Please a Man With Your Hands – The Touch That He Is Craving the Most Revealed Today

Did you know that your hands alone can offer your man so much pleasure? Just the touch of your fingers, nails and palms on his skin can easily make him achieve an orgasm that is out of this world. Now is the time that you learned how to hone in on those skills and that you learned how to please a man with your hands.

In order to please a man with your hands, you need to learn what kind of a touch he is craving and there is one that he is craving the most. This is the touch that all men are dying to have and you are going to give it to him tonight.

The touch that your man wants the most is a rough, hard touch. During foreplay, your man isn’t going to get turned on if you are lightly caressing his skin. He is going to get turned on when you dig your nails deep into his back and make your touch linger on his skin. The skin on a man’s body is much thicker and tougher than the skin that us women have, so therefore, you need to be a bit rougher. Plus, men are more responsive to a more dominating touch. He will be more into you touching him in a rough fashion and he will get more pleasure and arousal out of it.

To please him with your hands in the form of stimulation down south, he still wants a rough touch. Remember that the tip of his penis is very sensitive, so you should use a lighter touch on that particular spot. However, the shaft is a different story as it is stronger and tougher. On this part of his body, you can squeeze him tight and really stroke him hard.

There is a very special technique to pleasing your man with your hands and you are about to learn just what that consists of. The touch that will truly blow his mind is called “the twist”. This move involves both of your hands stacked up on his penis, one on top of the other. With both hands on him, you are then going to twist your hands in opposite directions. This sensation will make him feel like two women are touching him and this is a common fantasy that so many men share. If you really want to please him with your hands tonight and to have him completely speechless and satisfied, then you must use that tip.

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