How To Pull Off A Hat For Your Hair

how to wear hats

The Ultimate Guide: How To Wear A Hat

A hat can be a cute, fun fashion accessory–not to mention a great cover-up for a bad hair day. However, hats can also look awkward and decidedly un-stylish if you don’t wear them right.

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When it comes to wearing hats, the most important thing to do is choose a hat that jives well with your hair type, cut, and style.

1. Fedoras for Cropped Cuts

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It can be challenging to find a hat that complements short hair without making it look awkward or completely covering it up. Fedoras might be a somewhat controversial fashion accessory, but they are one of the best type of hat to wear with a pixie, bob, or other cropped cut.

The shape of a fedora is eye-catching and helps balance out short cuts without detracting too much attention away from your cropped style. A fedora is also loose-fitting enough to not squash a bob cut, and you can adjust its angle to make sure it shows off your hairstyle no matter how short it is.

2. Baseball Caps for Long Hair

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Baseball caps are the perfect casual accessory for women with long hair. These classic caps define sporty-chic style and can effortlessly save your look on even the most severe bad hair days.

One reason why baseball caps work so well with long hair is because they complement a wide range of hairstyles, which is more than can be said for most other types of hats. Baseball caps accommodate ponytails, braids, curled or straight hair for a cute and casual finish that’s perfect for everyday wear.

3. Floppy Hats for Curls

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After trying tons of different styles and getting equally unflattering squashed-down looks, many curly-haired ladies give up on hats altogether. It can be very challenging to find a hat that complements curly hair types, but floppy hats are definitely your best bet.

The flexible style of floppy hats accommodates the texture, volume, and potential frizz of thick and curly hair. Plus, their wide brim adds balance to your look and prevents your curls from popping out everywhere and looking unruly.

4. Beanies for In Between Hair

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It can be difficult to match in between hair– when you’re growing your hair out from a short cut but it hasn’t quite grown enough to be considered long–with a flattering hat.

Beanies add balance and structure to shoulder-length hair. The slim style of beanies can even make in between hair look slightly longer than it really is. If your hair is hovering in between your chin and your shoulders or just below your shoulders, use a flat iron and a smoothing serum before throwing on a beanie to prevent unflattering frizz and poofy-ness around your shoulders.

5. Bowlers for Bangs

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Bowlers are one of the only hat styles that actually complement your bangs–without ruining your hair for the rest of the day.

You can angle a bowler far enough back on your head that it doesn’t get in the way of your bangs. Bowlers are small enough that they don’t look awkward or out of place so far back on your head, but their style is interesting enough that your bangs won’t completely overwhelm your look.

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