Julia Haart on Going From an Orthodox Jewish Community to the Fashion World (Exclusive)

Julia Haart is making big moves. The designer has taken the fashion world by storm and is now positioned to make big waves with her Netflix docuseries, My Unorthodox Life.

The series documents Haart’s decision to leave her established life in a tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community and branch out into embracing her own passions for fashion and design.

“My whole life I was forced to cover myself. So basically, the only parts of my body that were showing were my hands and my face,” Haart told ET’s Lauren Zima as she guided ET cameras on a tour of her impressive abode. “It comes from this concept that women should cover their bodies so as not to attract male attention because he may come to have impure thoughts. And my personal take on this is, ‘Why is that my problem? It’s not.'”

As Haart showed off her expansive custom closet — inspired by the iconic closet from the classic 1995 comedy Clueless — she reflected on how the life choice made her feel like “a time traveler.”

“I went from the 1800s to the 21st century and that’s literally what it felt like,” Haart explained, adding that she managed to change her life and strike out on her own through “a mix of insane stubbornness and massive ignorance — and an absolute miracle.”

Moving from her conservative community and out into the world of fashion, Haart began with her own namesake shoe line, before becoming the creative director for La Perla. Now, she’s the co-owner and CEO of Elite World Group, a talent management group with a roster of high-powered clients and living in a penthouse in New York City.

It’s an appropriate locale for the mogul and mother of four, who said she was truly inspired to follow her dreams by a TV show set in the Big Apple.

“The first time I watched a rated R movie, I was 38 years old. [Actually], it wasn’t a movie, it was actually a TV show and it was called Sex and the City,” she recalled. “It was [about] women living on their own. And they were making their own money, they had their own apartments, and I was like, ‘Whoa, is that a thing? People do that in that world? That is unbelievable!'”

My Unorthodox Life, which details Haart’s unique journey and ascension in the fashion world, premieres July 14 on Netflix. Haart’s forthcoming memoir, Brazen: My Unorthodox Journey from Long Sleeves to Lingerie, is available for preorder now.

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