LG BL40 Chocolate Mobile Phones’ Innovation

Enjoy technological bliss and also enjoy the refinements of this new fabulous mobile phone from LG, the BL40 Chocolate. This is one of the first few phones to offer widescreen technology. The phone’s supreme tall design with a scratch-proof display certainly makes it appealing to the eyes just like a bar of chocolate. The slickness of this mobile phone screams two things: EFFICIENCY and STYLE.

With the display measuring up to 4-inch, the screen can display a lot of things and has portrait view which is fit for browsing and seeing videos. Multi-tasking is straightforward because of the split screen feature which lets users look at two different things at once.

The Chocolate is 10.9mm thick which entails it can slip very easy even on pockets without devastating its widescreen. See video recordings in a crisp and clear fashion with the 800 x 345 pixel high contrast video display. The BL40’s display is also stocked with a touch response that’s non-comparable to the hottest brands in the market permitting one to use a QWERTY layout that makes text messaging really user-friendly.

A super 5 megapixel camera is integrated on the LG Chocolate and has a Schneider-Kreuznach optical lens with resolutions of up to 2560 x 1920. Catching shots in the dark or low-light backgrounds is not a problem with the embedded LED flash, a feature that will by all odds attract clubbers and party-goers who get shots in the dark.

Music is also offered by this sweet temptation. With the LG BL40 you may be able to take your MP3 and MP4 collections and listen to them while you are traveling and the FM radio lets you tune in to you best-loved radio stations.

Internet experience with this new mobile is exceptional letting one to surf in full HTML swiftly over 802.11 b/g and HSDPA connections. Same as the iPhone 3GS, the LG Chocolate also integrates multi-touch recognition in its touch display and be able to use the pinch-and-zoom gesture. The mobile’s browser is also capable of stacking away your surfing history so you can go back to previously visited internet sites right away. Battery functioning is way above normal with Talk time that may last up to 6 hours. The groundbreaking LG BL40 Chocolate is indeed the loveliest answer to your mobile phone fantasy!

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