Marc Jacobs on His Recent Facelift: “No Shame in Being Vain”

Marc Jacobs isn’t ashamed of his plastic surgery game.

The fashion designer, 58, opened up about his history with cosmetic surgery and the importance of transparency in an interview with Vogue after posting a very candid selfie—complete with bandages and bloody drainage tubes—shortly after getting a facelift. Jacobs confirms that he started getting various procedures done “many years ago. I don’t remember exactly when, but [fashion photographer] Steven Meisel had recommended a doctor named Dr. Brandt who was, of course, pretty famous and everybody knew.”

Two weeks ago, the designer posted a post-op photo of himself, tagging his surgeon, Dr. Jacono, and adding the hashtags “#f*ckgravity” and “#livelovelift.” Since then, he’s continued to share images of his recovery with his social media followers, showing himself ensconced in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and documenting his swelling and bruises every few days. Jacobs’s posts have been met with an outpouring of support from both fans and his famous friends alike. “It’s just funny how many people responded to my posts in that way of like, ‘Thank you for your transparency, your transparency is everything,’” he said. “I think you just need to start a conversation, and then maybe that will have a resounding echo that helps people feel less ashamed. I just don’t think there’s shame in being vain.”

While it may seem like a bold move, Jacobs added that he’s never been one to keep the work he’s had done a secret anyway. “I mean, there have been so many things that I’ve been transparent about,” he said. “Like, once when I went to an event with a baseball cap, and people asked me, ‘Why are you wearing a baseball cap?’ And I said, ‘Well, I just had a hair transplant.’ People were amused and amazed that I answered.”

Which is why he’s not going to let not being fully healed yet stop him from continuing to share selfies. “I’ve got some scars around my ears, and my face is swollen, and I have a bruised neck, but I’m still posting on Instagram,” the designer reveals. “I don’t care. I don’t even see it as an effort to be transparent. I’m doing what I normally do, which is I’m living my life and sharing it with anybody who is interested.” He concluded, “Yes, I’m vain. I find there is no shame in being vain. I find there’s no shame in wanting attention. I find there’s no shame in getting dressed up and showing off a look. You know what I mean? Those are some of the things that give me pleasure. Self-care on every level…External and internal wellness are really important. I say the same thing about all of it, which is that the better I feel about myself, the better I’m able to be to others.”

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