Ryka Women’s Winter Boots Are Waterproof and Fashionable

Boots, without a doubt, are my favorite type of shoe ever. They can dress up basic skirts and pants, but they are also comfortable enough to be worn just about everywhere. Much like a classic LBD or a timeless leather handbag, boots are an investment piece and a necessary wardrobe basic that keeps on giving, as once you find the right pair, you can wear them for life.

However, my love for all-things boots does have its limitations, as I often struggle when it comes to the winter boot category. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am opposed to wearing them, but I will admit that I haven’t had a good pair since I was a kid. I am still wearing an old pair of UGG boots to shovel in the wintertime and to be completely honest, they never fare well (hello, wet socks) in the season’s many nor’easters or crazy snow squalls anyways. Sigh.

To upgrade my winter footwear for the coming New Year, I recently added the Ryka Aubonne Winter Boots to my shopping cart, in hopes that they could be just the pair of winter boots I was looking for. And to my surprise, they were, and so much more too.

At first glance, I was pleasantly surprised how these Ryka women’s winter boots resembled the chestnut pair of UGGS I have been wearing for years, as the faux fur detailing and teakwood color gave the nice, casual boot feel I love.

At the same time, appearance is where the comparisons end, as while my trusty sheepskin UGG boots do provide some warmth in frigid temps, the Ryka’s provide cushioning (interior and exterior) for support, and a sturdy waterproof upper to prevent your feet from getting wet.

So far, the traction and cushioning is my favorite part of these boots, as they allowed me to walk through slushy pathways and parking lots, without slipping or dampness. Yes, they also were able to stand tall against ice, as I was able to get past a very icy part of my driveway that I neglected to shovel.

While these women’s winter boots are great in providing durability and warmth to feet, the only thing to keep in mind is that the fit is exact, which made them very tight at first. With this in mind, you’ll definitely want to either want to order a pair in a size (or half-size) up, or be sure to wear these shoes often, just to make sure you break into them in time for a snow storm on the horizon.

Ryka Aubonne Women’s Boots

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