Sweatshirts‌ ‌with‌ ‌ Hood: ‌ ‌The‌ ‌Spontaneous‌ ‌Trend‌

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Sweatshirts are no longer a garment to be at home or play sports and have made the final leap to the best autumn outfits. Of course, if you want your sweatshirt to be on trend, it must meet one requirement: wear a hood.

Everything indicated that hoodies were going to be one of the great trends of the season. Now that we have discovered that even the sportiest garment can be combined with the most elegant looks and that the comfy style like fear of god essentials hoodie is here to stay, it could not be otherwise. So take note of this, because it is going to become an unbeatable garment for day to day.

And yes, it was an intuition, but after Olivia Palermo left us speechless with one of her latest outfits in which she was flawlessly wearing a hoodie, we know for a fact. In fact, after seeing her walk with her through the Big Apple, we want to imitate her to do the same through the streets of our city,

You will find them in all colors, from the most basic gray to velvet applications. And we are almost embarrassed to say that we like them all. Because, far from lowering a look, hoodies update and rejuvenate it completely. In addition, the prices are more than affordable in the leading brands and we know that we are going to get a lot out of them. That is why we dare to confirm that they are the must of this fall, and we will tell you how to wear them and where you can get them.

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With Jacket Suit

In the purest working girl style, with a suit jacket that has become one of her favorites. This is how Olivia Palermo has combined her cropped sweatshirt in the same tone as the rest of the outfit. The standout of the look is obtained thanks to the neck scarf and burgundy loafers.

With Blazer Dress

We love the blazer as a dress and the belt detail. But, without a doubt, the casual touch of the set is due to the black sweatshirt that matches the details. An example of how the sum of unrelated trends can give the most surprising results. 

Matching Other Garments

Combining the same color to match, with other garments or details thereof, is a virtue in which it is very easy to win. Pink hoodie, like the shearling lining of the jacket. Simple but 100% effective.

A Touch of Warmth

The strong cotton of the sweatshirts is able to soften and warm colder garments, creating a wonderful contrast. You just have to see how the hardness (full of style) of this burgundy fur coat lightens in this outfit. If you want to achieve something similar, do not forget that it is better that the sweatshirt is in light tones.

With Shearling Coat

Sweatshirts are an off-road garment that combine and accompany other seasonal garments such as shearling coats. We warn you from now on that this is one of those looks that you will not stop seeing.

For Rainy Days

Trench coat, patterned or not, and a hoodie are a surefire combo for rainy fall days. Also, although we know that the hood is not waterproof, it can always protect us from unexpected raindrops.

Sport Deluxe

We cannot forget that, originally, the sweatshirt is a sports garment, and that makes it perfect to combine with clothes of the same style. And if you are one of the daring, go ahead; you only need heels to create a look that will not go unnoticed.

With Mini Skirt

This is one of our favorite options, mini skirt and hoodie. Of course, since the bare legs are not very autumnal, at least in our country, we suggest you add some stockings and change the heels for military boots or with a track sole.

In Ultra Feminine Looks

Like this one with a long tulle skirt. You may not want to combine it with a hoodie if you are going to an important event, but for day to day we can’t like it more.