This California man is changing homeless people’s lives with haircuts

Jason Schneidman believes a haircut can change your life.

Jason Schneidman believes a haircut can change your life. That’s why he’s cutting hair for the homeless.

Schneidman, 50, has been cutting hair since he was 14 years old and always had a passion for using style to improve people’s confidence.

“The first time I [cut hair] I thought the whole transformation was amazing,” Schneidman said. “I’ve always been into the reward of making people change.”

Schneidman battled addiction throughout his adult life and went through rehabilitation four times before getting sober 16 years ago. As he was battling addiction, he also experienced homelessness.

“I was homeless for two years,” Schneidman said. “When I was in the streets and addicted to drugs I was very alone and felt very disconnected.”

Once Schneidman became

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The Fashion of ‘Karen’ is Changing. Her Personality Isn’t.

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

The archetypical Karen has ruined countless cookouts and lemonade stands, and she’s made a mess of a few telltale accessories. Close your eyes and think of the kind of privileged woman who might call the cops on any slight, perceived inconvenience: spiky bob haircut, chunky highlights, oversized sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack propped upon her head to communicate a self-bestowed authority. 

The idea of a woman gleefully rifling through her discount Coach bag in search of a cellphone, ready to tattle on Black people just trying to eat, or celebrate, or birdwatch in peace, is a well-trodden cliché.

Thanks to visual culture, we know Karen when we see her, often before she even opens her mouth. 

Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis lawyer and neighbor from hell who stood alongside her armed husband and pointed a gun at protesters, was quickly likened to

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