Hip-Hop x Fashion’ Details Women’s Contributions to the Genre

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The influence of hip-hop culture on the fashion industry is undeniable today. But the gradual shift in design, inspiration, silhouette and consumer interests over the last 19 years became more apparent when hoodies took over the runway, luxury houses competed to make the “It” sneaker, and trade shows pivoted to streetwear.

“The Remix: Hip-Hop x Fashion,” the award-winning film by directors Lisa Cortés and Farah X, which premiered on Netflix on July 22, details hip-hop’s early iconic fashion moments that shifted the subculture and decades later would have an impact on the global fashion industry and beyond.

The movie, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019 and won six best documentary awards, features commentary from the likes of TV personality and businesswoman Bevy Smith, film producer and I Am Other chief creative officer Mimi Valdés, art curator and writer Kimberly Drew,

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