New Exhibitions Show How Driving Has Influenced Fashion

Taking to the open road is a summer ritual for millions, but a new joint exhibition in Newport, R.I., considers how that impacted fashion, women’s role in society and fashion’s impact on the automobile.

“Women Take the Wheel: Fashion, Modernity and the Automobile 1905-1945” is being showcased at the Audrain Automobile Museum and “The World in Motion: Vanderbilt Style” is on view at the Newport Historical Society through Aug. 22. More than century-old clothes and vintage vehicles, the two-part show encapsulates how women driving and being driven affected the way they dress. It also touches upon American consumerism in the First World War and how women entering the workforce shifted society and led to independence on and off the road.

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The exhibition at the Audrain showcases a 1902 Packard Model F, an open-carriage vehicle that marked the move from earlier horseless carriages. Donald Osborne, chief executive

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Why & How DREST Is Driving More Reality Into Its Digital Fashion Dreamscapes

2020 was when luxury fashion officially fell hard for gaming. Or, as it’s been less affectionately described, started putting serious resource behind ‘gamerbait’ – in-game or game-aping initiatives targeting younger fashion fans who are less pliable to heritage luxury’s traditional seduction techniques, catwalk-apathetic and now largely online.

From any angle, whether it’s the early pandemic-reflexive forays into Nintendo’s Animal Crossing (Coach, Valentino and Marc Jacobs et al.); ComplexCon’s low-fi but compelling (100k attendees) transition to shoppable virtual festival ComplexLand; or Balenciaga’s full-beam, vibe-summoning, retro-futuristic blitz of immersive tech in proprietary game Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow to showcase its AW21 collection, gaming-centric platforms are now legit social spaces for imbibing cutting-edge pop culture.

As e-commerce-infused initiatives go, arguably ahead of the curve is DREST – the interactive e-tail-meets-styling game that furnishes fashion fans who fancy themselves as industry pros with virtual access to white-hot high fashion, and a community of

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