Jourdan Dunn on quitting fashion and meeting ‘the one’

For Jourdan Dunn, 2020 has been a year of self-discovery. In February, she announced her engagement to British rapper Dion Hamilton, who proposed on a quiet Sunday to the soundtrack of Intro’s Ribbon In The Sky. In August, she turned 30, an age that often signals the start of a new chapter, and cause for self-reflection. This year has also been the year that she decided to leave fashion behind and start a new career in acting. In terms of love, age and work, times are changing for the Brent-born muse.

“A shift is happening in my life at the moment,” Dunn told us. “Before lockdown, I decided I wanted to take the time to focus on acting. When lockdown happened, it felt like the perfect time to dedicate to it. I started therapy… I feel like I’m building the foundations for the next stage in my life. Fashion

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