Stream Sego’s New Uncut EP Life of Pam | Track by Track

With our Track by Track feature, musicians lead fans by the ear through each song on their latest effort. Today, Sego introduce us to their Life of Pam EP.

Sego have shared a new EP called Life with Pam in a unique fashion: as a single uncut 17-minute music video. Watch the visual to hear the whole thing below.

The former Artist of the Month chose to release Life with Pam as a continuous block of music as opposed to broken into tracks to capture the “seamless, deliberate” structure of their live shows. The songs contained within this 17 minute track intentionally sit on adjacent lines to each other thematically, sonically, and in energy,” explained frontman Spencer Petersen. “Obviously, I hope people find connection with the individual parts, but like our shows, the collective sum created when taken together provides a larger context that should elevate each

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How Tabitha Brown Overcame Obstacles to Live Out Her Dream Life (Exclusive)

Tabitha Brown is opening up about life before fame! ET recently spoke with the 41-year-old vegan foodie turned social media superstar via Zoom, where she gave us all the details on what it was like growing up in North Carolina, to the financial, educational and personal hurdles she overcame to get to where she is today. On top of all her professional success, Brown’s greatest joy is being mom to the two kids — Choyce and Queston — she shares with her husband, Chance.

“I was raised in the town of Stoneville, but Eden is the city where I grew up and did all my schooling. Lil’ country girl at heart, and I have always wanted to perform ever since I was a little girl,” Brown told ET’s Deidre Behar. “I used to watch The Cosby Show when I was a kid and I used to tell my mom, ‘I

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Honoring the life of John Lewis

John Lewis was a share-cropper’s son, born in 1940 in a part of rural Alabama that was so rigidly segregated that he had seen only two white people when he reached his sixth birthday.

He wanted to be a preacher and he practiced his sermons by preaching to the family chickens. As he later joked: “When I looked back, some of those chickens would bow their heads, some of those chickens would shake their heads, they never quite said Amen, but I’m convinced that some of those chickens in the 40’s and 50’s tended to listen to me much better than some of my colleagues in the Congress.”

It was not what John Lewis said but what he did that changed America. An activist from his teen years when he heard Martin Luther King on the radio, he was arrested more than 40 times, beaten and severely injured as he

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