18 Online Shopping Traps and Scams To Watch Out For

Online shopping can help you save money and access a wide variety of products, but there are downsides, too. Hackers and other online criminals are constantly trying to scam shoppers by offering fake deals and discounts. In fact, according to a recent Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker report, online purchase scams are the second-riskiest type of fraud after employment scams.

Although shopping online doesn’t always result in identity theft, there are other risks, too. You might lose money, get a bogus product or not get anything at all — and you might even be convinced to spend more than you planned to.

By knowing the most common scams and traps that online shoppers encounter, you can set your finances up for a better future.

Last updated: April 7, 2020

Requests To Pay With Wire Transfers

Sound the alarm if a retailer asks you for a wire transfer, a money

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