The fashion labels whose clothes are made by prisoners

The agile hands of men who once made a living as pickpockets and robbers have been given another task in Peru’s largest prison. By cutting, sewing and printing clothes they are able to earn money to send to their families on the outside.

Buzzing sewing machines add to the cacophony of sound at San Pedro de Lurigancho men’s prison in central Lima, the capital of Peru.

Around 30 prisoners are in the workshop, making printed t-shirts and other items of clothing for Peruvian fashion brand Pieta.

The noise makes it impossible for the men to talk to each other without shouting. But they are used to the commotion – the prison is home to 10,000 inmates, even though it was only built for 2,000.

Carlos Arcel, 51, is fashioning sweaters from llama wool. With a pile of the black fabric next to him, he works the sewing machine so quickly

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