Chic Documentary Unmasks Fashion’s Most Elusive Figure

Martin Margiela has built an empire out of mystery, both in terms of his work as an iconoclastic fashion designer and his reclusive identity as an artist. Instead, Margiela, whose face is not publicly known, has let his bracing collections do the talking. Since the 1980s, through his couture house Maison Margiela, he has turned out wearable avant-garde pieces made from unconventional materials with a legacy of deconstructing the basic grammar of fashion to make outspoken art. Reiner Holzemer’s new documentary, “Martin Margiela: In His Own Words,” doesn’t reveal Margiela’s identity, nor does it break the mold for nonfiction filmmaking. While Margiela’s visions likely deserve a more radical treatment onscreen,

Margiela technically left the fashion house he founded in 2009, but his vision has been carried on by his successors in occasional runway appearances and around the world in the brick-and-mortars housing the ready-to-wear Margiela line. The

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