Top Lighting Trends 2021 To Brighten Your Home

Top Lighting Trends 2021 To Brighten Your Home

Lighting is an essential aspect of home decoration. It not just improves the appearance of a home, but also improves the productivity of the place. It is an essential part of a successful design scheme. It becomes more important especially in the wintertime when the days get shorter and we stay indoors for most of the time. 

If you are planning to install a lighting trend, then here are some of the lighting trends that you should know in 2021.

Lighting as A Central Design Point

Smartly designed and crafted ceiling lights help bring a transformational touch to your rooms.  Lighting has to be the beginning point for design and should not be kept for the last.  There are extravagant and elegant light fittings that come for every style. For vast spaces, you can choose daring pieces, however, for smaller ones, unconventional light fittings could be the best idea. 

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Floor and Table Lamps in Sculpture Shape

Another trend in lighting is table lamps that have bold designs and sculptural shapes. They can transform your lighting fixture into art pieces. They would not just fill the space with bright lighting but also provide interest even in a shutdown state. 

To enhance the beauty of a console table or a beautiful sideboard, you can go for pairs of lamps. A large-sized lamp is ideal to illuminate the bed and sofa. 

Floor lamps are elegant. They look beautiful when kept next to your sofa or armchair. It will help create a relaxing reading spot. Light up the dark passage hallway with a signature lamp. It will infuse new life into the home.

Clever Ceiling Lights

Look for ways to light the corners of the homes to light up the darker corners of your house in dark evenings. Thoughtfully placed ceiling lights and lamps create a dazzling effect in the room. Their metallic details reflect and bounce the light throughout the room to adequately light up space.

Bold Statement Pieces

You can go for bold designs that feature sculptural shapes, colored glass, interesting texture, and a design-led finishing touch to create a style statement. They will beautify the space even when not in use. Light is one of the beneficial ways to merge contemporary with traditional.

Hand-Blown Glass

Homeowners increasingly desire to achieve a unique look via lighting. Hand-blown glass, bold eye-catching accessories, contrasting materials, etc. are some of the things that give a distinctive touch to a place.

A hand-blown glass can easily elevate structures into sculptural designs to create an impressive core structure contrasting material. Their bubble-like appearance with a warming glow results in an awe-inspiring piece.


The right lighting system makes the place more beautiful and comfortable. Along with being functional, it also has to be elegant.  Follow the above lighting trends to give a spectacular touch to your home.