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Which Stores Are Open on Christmas Eve?

Every year stores open up for the season on Christmas Eve. In the United States stores start to open at 8am. Stores in Canada, on the other hand, start to open a little later. So, which stores are open on Christmas Eve? Stores open on Christmas Eve for many reasons, and not just because you get to shop more! If you’ve ever been to the mall and looked around you may have noticed that stores are more crowded than normal.

A lot of people don’t think that they will be shopping for Christmas dinner or Christmas presents when they go to the store. This is often the case. This is because the majority of people shopping on Christmas Eve are shopping for something they need in the coming weeks, rather than something they want. Therefore, stores usually have a bit more competition on this day.

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Tom Ford Talks Crisis Mode

“It’s too premature for me to tell you.”

So said Tom Ford in March of last year when, as the newly elected chairman of the CFDA, he discussed his plans for the CFDA.

Tom, you don’t say.

When he accepted the post, there’s no way he could have had a clue of what he was in for. He knew the American fashion industry was challenged for myriad reasons — oversaturation, a relentless schedule, a reliance on a failing wholesale model, European domination fueled by the major luxury fashion group power base. For years, those and other factors had been chipping away at the global profile of American fashion and Ford determined to make increasing its international profile a major priority of his tenure. In addition, he wanted to focus on young designers and on addressing the issue of insufficient diversity across the industry’s designer ranks. Once installed, in

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This Mother-Daughter Duo Are Bringing Change to New York Fashion Week

District of Fashion
District of Fashion

As she was putting together her portfolio collection during her last year as a fashion student at Parsons School of Design, Najla A. Burt called her mother for help. She needed to come up with a name for her clothing line. 

“We had a conversation around why she should not make her label her name,” Cynthia Burt, Najla’s mother, recalled in an interview with The Daily Beast. “We talked through the legal thing of not making your name the brand, because there are so many avenues for people to sue you personally. But beyond that, Najla said, ‘We’re not going to say or make anything public about the fact that we’re Black.’”

Sure enough, social media posts from the brands early days show off the clothes, not the women behind them. “If you go back and look, you won’t see any pictures of us,” Cynthia said. “We

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Will the Rental Market Replace Fast Fashion?

Selfridges to Ganni, are putting their stamp of approval on the sharing economy — and wanting in, too.” data-reactid=”20″Peer-to-peer rental fashion platforms are seeing revenues reach an all-time high, while demand is diversifying far beyond occasionwear. Even established industry players, from Selfridges to Ganni, are putting their stamp of approval on the sharing economy — and wanting in, too.

a rental-only Levi’s collaboration, featuring 501 jeans and denim shirts made using deadstock materials.” data-reactid=”28″“People would argue that if you produce a responsible product yet sell and consume it in the conventional way, then you haven’t had a solid impact

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