10 Best Xbox One Racing Games To Get You Behind The Wheel

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Forza Horizon 5

Let’s be honest here, not a lot of you have an Xbox Series X/S, right? Don’t be afraid to admit it, a lot of people don’t. So, a lot of you are no doubt relying on your Xbox One to keep you happy. And if you’re a racing genre gamer, you have a lot to be happy about!

#10 Snowrunner

Let’s start out with a unique title, ok? Snowrunner is a game that doesn’t have you driving the fastest of vehicles, rather, it has you driving some of the more sturdy and bulky ones. Because in this game, you’ll take command of a massive vehicle delivering cargo across some of the most rough terrains in all of the world.

You’ll have contracts to complete, and you’ll need to get them done on time and with no damage to your cargo. The better you do, the more jobs you’ll get, and the more money you’ll get to spend on your truck to better make sure it endures all the challenges ahead.

So for something a bit different, try out Snowrunner.

#9 Project Cars 3

Ok, so you don’t want to play a game that is about challenge in terms of jobs, right? You want pure racing power with a lot of cars at your disposal? Luckily for you, Project Cars 3 is absolutely what the doctor ordered.

The game boasts one of the most impressive collections of vehicles and tracks out there on the market right now. We’re talking over 200 different and top-tier kinds of vehicles, and then over 120 kinds of tracks that you can go and race them on!

The level of depth and detail in this game is one that needs to be seen to be believed. So try out Project Cars 3 and witness its grand scale for yourself.

#8 Dirt 5

If you’re more of the “off road type”, then Dirt 5 might just be what you want from a racing title. Because while you are going and driving incredibly powerful cars and vehicles, you’ll be doing it in a variety of settings that lets just say will test you and your vehicles in special ways.

There are over 70 tracks in this game, and they’re set across 10 different massive locations all over the world, all of which have been beautifully rendered for you to enjoy.

Arguably the best part is that the variety of cars make it clear that whether you want to go on the road, off the road, or through the road, there’s a vehicle here for you.

#7 Wreckfest

So far we’ve shown you work racing, on and off road racing, and a whole variety of cars. So what’s left to talk about that’s fresh? How about demolition derby-style racing? Enter Wreckfest.

This game is kind of like a spiritual successor to the FlatOut titles, and they even brought in one of the OG members of those teams to help make a physics engine that’ll ensure that you have the most epic crashes in a racing game.

The name of this game is seriously no-holds-barred racing. Go as fast as you want, crash into whatever you want, and enjoy the carnage that follows. So customize your personal wrecking ball…and then wreck it!

#6 The Crew 2

One of the beauties of systems like the Xbox One is that they have allowed video games to get quite expansive in their worlds, and The Crew 2 is a great example of that on the racing front.

Why? Because in this game, you’ll be a part of Motornation, a living, breathing racing world where you can do anything you want in the racing sense with the push of a button. No, really, you can take to vehicles on the ground, in the sky, and through the water, and then switch out to another vehicle in seamless fashion.

Partake in a grand campaign to become a champion, or just race around and have the time of your life.

#5 Hot Wheels Unleashed

Ah, knew we forgot something, the licensing side of things! Yes, there are indeed Hot Wheels video games, and Hot Wheels Unleashed is one you can get for your Xbox.

This title is very much about embracing the imagination you had when you were playing with Hot Wheels by collecting all the different rides, then putting them on the track to try and come out on top in fast-paced races. Plus, you can build your own tracks and see if you can bring your childhood race track fantasies to life!

So go on, be a kid again in Hot Wheels Unleashed!

#4 Assetto Corsa Competizione

Another thing that racing games like to do is give you a simulation of various racing competitions that you yourself wouldn’t be able to be a part of naturally. Assetto Corsa Competizione for example allows you a realistic simulation of the GT3 Championship.

And when we say this is a “simulation”, we mean that they went to the greatest of levels to try and make it as accurate as possible in terms of the cars, the tracks, the styles of races you can partake in, and more.

And with next-gen graphics? Assetto Corsa Competizione will make you really feel like you’re there, even though you’re just on your Xbox One.

#3 F1 22

Continuing where we left off, here’s a racing game that is coming out soon enough for the Xbox One and other platforms and will feature you going into the F1 (Formula 1) race world to relive the current season!

Yes, F1 22 will let you partake in this years’ F1 races with all 20 racers across the 10 teams of the circuit. This is another title that goes for accuracy above all else.

Just remember, if you partake in these races, you’ll be driving some of the fastest cars on the planet and have to deal with the overhauled rules. So be mindful, and help take your team to the finish line!

#2 Project Cars 2

Naturally, we put Project Cars 2 at the No.2 spot because it had “2” in its name…naturally.

If you’re not a fan of the earlier Project Cars game, then perhaps your best option is to go to the previous Project Cars title! Simple workarounds and all that.

With over 180 cars, 12K support, and the ability to play this game in VR? You’ll have a lot to do. With a 24-hour cycle of racing, and new loose track conditions you’ll find that racing in this title will be very much like racing in the real world. So experience the variety and clever accuracy of the game and see if you like it.

#1 Forza Horizon 5

We know, ok? We heard you screaming, “Where’s the Forza title?”, and here you go!

The Forza Horizon series has been one of the best around because it’s given players sprawling landscapes by which they can race and drive to their hearts content. In the case of Forza Horizon 5, that would mean you get to drive across their version of Mexico.

But because of the massive setting, there are all sorts of ways you can play. You can go on your own open-road adventure, you can race with friends or against them, you can go on a deep story mode filled with unique characters and challenges, and of course, you’ll have all sorts of cars you can drive in.

So if you’ve never played a Forza Horizon title, here is a great one to start with.

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