Month: March 2021

Meet ten students from the CSM MA Fashion Class of 2021

Photography Suleika Mueller. Image courtesy of Vivien Canadas

If you’ve been following our fashion graduate show coverage over the past year, you’ll be aware of the cruel circumstances that the pandemic has imposed on an entire micro-generation of students. Cut off from the equipment and technical support of their school’s studios, and robbed of the runway moments they’d been working towards for years, fashion students the world over have invariably demonstrated incredible resourcefulness, skill and verve in bringing their visions to life. 

The members of Central Saint Martins’ MA Fashion Class of 2021 are, of course, no exception. Having entered their degrees with dreams of showing their work in the school’s annual London Fashion Week show — without doubt one of the most eagerly observed platforms for promising talent in the industry — the way they’re showcasing their final collections is, of course, a little different to what they

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Consumers Are Already Saying Goodbye to Their Sweatpants | The Week Ahead, BoF Professional


  • New York will allow small concerts and other live events starting April 2.

  • Daily US air passenger volumes recently topped 1.5 million for the first time since March 15, 2020.

  • Consumers have already shifted buying patterns with post-pandemic life in mind.

You could look at air passenger volumes, store traffic tallies or concert venue schedules to determine when life has returned to “normal.” But for fashion, Google searches might be a better indicator. Queries about high-heeled shoes have in recent days hit levels not seen since February 2020, while searches for sweatpants are experiencing an epic collapse.

Perhaps it’s just the nice weather, but it’s starting to feel like “normal” life is, if not quite here, at least in sight for the first time in over a year. The speedy return of pre-pandemic shopping patterns and travel plans points to a quick

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How the Cold-Shoulder Top Became a Covid-19 Vaccine Fashion Trend

Look out, Zoom shirt. Here comes the vaccine top.

As millions of more Americans become eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, fashion-minded folks are giving extra consideration to what they will wear for their coveted appointments. And as with Zoom, it’s an above-the-waist style story, especially if there’s a vaccine selfie — call it a “vaxxie” — involved.

Some have taken their deliberating to TikTok, asking viewers to choose. Jane Tsui, 24, a perky cosmetics chemist in Irvine, Calif., shared three bare-armed looks earlier this month, including a spaghetti-strap camisole hidden under a “classy” gray blazer and a one-shoulder leopard-print top that offers “lots of arm real estate,” she said. “Take your shot.”

But the emerging vaccine-ready top seems to be the cold-shoulder top, thanks to Dolly Parton. On March 2, the 75-year-old country music star posted a four-minute video across her social media channels, getting her first shot

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What Is a Death Doula? Elvis Presley’s Granddaughter Riley Keough Completes Training

Actress Riley Keough has revealed she has trained to become a “death doula”—a person who specializes in end-of-life care.

Keough, who is also the granddaughter of the late singer Elvis Presley, wrote on Instagram on Monday: “I think it’s so important to be educated on conscious dying and death the way we educate ourselves on birth and conscious birthing.

“We prepare ourselves so rigorously for the entrance and have no preparation for our exit.”

A death doula, also referred to as an end-of-life doula, serves as a support for people who have been given a terminal diagnosis. They are not to be confused with regular doulas, who are more commonly known for providing assistance to mothers before, during, or after they give birth.

The role of a death doula may differ from case to case, but generally they can offer emotional, physical or spiritual help at and before the time

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