Month: July 2021

Information Technology

In this example and others, digital video games use adaptive studying ideas, where the learning surroundings is re-configured or modified in response to the actions and needs of scholars . Most of the studies on digital video games centered on cognitive and emotional indicators of pupil engagement, in contrast to the earlier technologies addressed on this evaluation which primarily centered on behavioral indicators of engagement. New software program is on the market for handheld computer systems corresponding to e-books and games and simulations that contribute to the social research curriculum. This newly developing area for the social research includes portable technology opportunities for writing, research, organization skills, accessing primary sources, compiling and analyzing information from surveys, or as tools for use on field journeys (Ray, 2001; Shieks & Holzberg, 1997). Crawford and Vahey have cautioned in regards to the limitations of handhelds in school rooms, together with funding, lack of … Read More

‘My Unorthodox Life’ star gives relationship update, reveals she’s dating a woman

Miriam Haart has some news!

Haart, who stars in Netflix’s breakout summer reality series “My Unorthodox Life”, posted an update to Instagram Wednesday sharing that she’s now dating Nathalie Ulander.

“Secrets out, and so am I,” Haart captioned a carousel of three photos alongside a red heart. In the photos, Haart is pictured with Ulander standing on a balcony in Paris, France, where the two share a kiss and intimate moment.

The 21-year-old daughter of fashion designer and entrepreneur Julia Haart openly discussed her sexuality in season one of the family’s show while dating both men and women, but not all family members appeared initially supportive.

In the series, Haart’s 28-year-old sister, Batsheva, expressed concern when Miriam made out at a work party with a woman, but it appears big sister is on board now.

Batsheva commented “Yasssssss” alongside a red heart emoji on Miriam’s post, and celebrated the announcement

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What It’s Actually Like To Work In Fashion vs. What We See In Movies

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, “The Devil Wears Prada″ remains a cultural phenomenon that has shaped the way we view the fashion industry. Meryl Streep’s renowned portrayal of Miranda Priestly, the steely editor-in-chief of Runway magazine, is one the world won’t soon forget. Priestly’s effortless delivery of her infamous catchphrase, “That’s all,” held a gravity that clearly depicted fashion as a high-stress, high-stakes industry with no tolerance for any hint of incompetence.

“The Devil Wears Prada” is not the only media depiction of the fashion industry as a glamorous, impenetrable space where dreams are both dashed and realized. In “101 Dalmatians,” Cruella De Vil is a designer whose love of fashion drives her to criminal extremes to obtain the coat of the season. Ryan Murphy’s “Halston” miniseries on Netflix recently provided insight into the designer, who was prone to grand gestures of affection and verbal abuse of colleagues, providing another trope

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