4 Different London Activities You Should Enjoy


The UK capital is known all across the globe as a place that offers different incredible tourist destinations, and it’s true that once you visit this city, you mustn’t miss seeing at least several of them.

However, another essential reason why London is one of the most famous cities worldwide is that you can enjoy various London activities throughout your stay in this city. Besides its tourist attractions, London is also highly popular because of the many in-betweens this UK capital has to offer.

That’s why we will show you four different London activities you should enjoy while staying in this wonderful place.

Let’s start.

Football Matches 

Many people’s life-long dream is to watch at least one football match in the United Kingdom. This passion is so huge that some use luxury airport transfers London right after they land at the airport to go straight to a football stadium.

Football is undoubtedly the most popular thing in the UK, and London’s clubs are some of the best in the whole country. Watching a football match in London can be a true pleasure, even if you are not a football fan since the stadium atmosphere is amazing. Some of London’s best or most famous football clubs include Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, West Ham, Tottenham, Crystal Palace, etc.

A piece of advice would be to watch a football match in a pub or a bar if you can’t go to a stadium. Also, if you watch a match in a bar, make sure it’s safe since trouble may appear if it’s a derby match, although things are much more civilised today, unlike in the past.

Be as it may, there aren’t many cities on the whole planet where people watch a football match with such love and passion.

London Theatre Shows

London is almost a synonym of theatre since its history regarding this art form is one of the cornerstones of theatre shows. It’s even better to hire airport luxury transfers to get you to the famous Shakespeare’s Globe since you will arrive in style.

With Broadway in NYC and Bolshoi in Moscow, Shakespeare’s Globe is referred to as one of the three primary worldwide theatres at the top of this world. 

Aside from this theatre, which is undoubtedly at the top of the game, you can also visit many other theatres and watch excellent plays. Some of the best London theatres include the National Theatre, the Old and the Young Vic, the Royal Opera House, etc.

One thing is for sure; whether you will like the play you will see or not, you will definitely witness some of the best acting you’ve ever seen in your entire life!

The Mayfield Lavender Fields

The famous Mayfield Lavender Farm is a place you must see if you have time, or better start planning now and make time since it’s extraordinary! 

If you land at Heathrow, make sure to book Heathrow airport chauffeur transfers to bring you to this place since many people land here every day, so it’s hugely crowded. This place is a 25-acre lavender field located in Banstead, 15 miles from Central London, where there’s also a café and a shop. 

It’s a highly famous visiting attraction during summer since people can enjoy and relax around this beautiful field of beautiful lavender. This plant starts to bloom in June, but it’s at its best in July. However, since London is known for its weather change, make sure to check the Mayfield site to see which day you should visit.

In addition, because it’s jam-packed during weekends, it is best to visit this field from Monday to Friday.

Harry Potter Walking Tour

A Harry Potter walking tour of London is our last suggestion, but equally exciting.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, it would be excellent to take a London tour on foot and discover various magical set locations where this franchise was filmed. This tour includes an entrance to The Leaky Cauldron and the Ministry of Magic, while you’ll also have a chance to take photos and see set locations with your own eyes in real life.

This walking tour is not expensive and is a perfect way to see this beautiful city in a different and unique way. Even if you are not a fan of the Harry Potter novels or movies, it doesn’t matter since it’s certainly exciting to see a city from a totally different perspective, and London is maybe the only place all across the globe that provides you with such a privilege.

We wish you a safe trip to London and try to enjoy all of these four London activities if you have the time and budget for it. If not, enjoying at least one of these activities is more than enough to create beautiful memories!

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