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Let’s be honest – on days when we’re busy or feeling unmotivated, we don’t properly follow an intensive skin care routine. I’ve recently been quite lazy with my skin care routine. I sometimes skip a few steps just to get the job done ASAP and go straight to bed. This explains why my skin looks dull and tired lately, so I’ve decided to incorporate ampoules into my routine for a quick skin reset.

Similar to serums, ampoules contain a higher concentration of active ingredients that help repair damaged skin and improve overall skin health. Ampoules are mainly designed for two to four weeks of usage as an intensive skin care regimen to rebalance and recharge tired skin.

This time, I tried ampoules from two Korean skin care brands: GRAYMELIN’s Natural Ampoule in five versions and TROIAREUKE’s ACSEN Sen Ampoule. Scroll down to find out which of these ampoules delivered the best results during my one-month trial.

What it is: 

Eggplant version – Contains 70% rice bran water to brighten skin and eggplant extract to deliver soothing and hydrating effects. 

Kalamansi version – Contains 58% grapefruit water and kalamansi extract to brighten and revitalize skin.

Avocado version – Contains lotus flower water and avocado extract to enhance skin elasticity and provide anti-wrinkle care.

Marine version – Contains 37% natural sea water, 35% glacial water and sea glue complex to hydrate and nourish skin.

Beet version – Contains 62% green tea leaf water, beet root extract and plant-derived AHA to gently exfoliate skin and provide soothing care.

My take: 

I love that GRAYMELIN’s Natural Ampoule has an extremely lightweight and watery consistency that absorbs quickly into skin. The clear formula applied smoothly on my face and didn’t leave a greasy finish. Of the five versions available, the Beet ampoule stood out most for me, as I like the formula’s subtle beetroot scent and its  slightly tingly effect due to the infused AHA. Other than that, the five versions of this ampoule delivered similar hydrating, soothing and refreshing benefits to skin. I suggest pairing different ampoules to maximize the benefits and strengthen the skin. Also, try layering the ampoule with a toner or essence for better results.

What it is: 

This ampoule is formulated with five types of hyaluronic acid to intensely moisturize skin and strengthen the skin barrier. It also features six types of sprout extracts (such as alfalfa extract and broccoli extract) plus propolis extract to leave skin smooth with a radiant finish. 

*Comes with a syringe marked with “Everyday” and “Special Day.”

My take: 

The hero ingredient in this ampoule is hyaluronic acid, which can provide much-needed moisture and hydration to my skin. I love the look and feel of hydrated skin, so I used this ampoule every day for one week. Despite the formula’s thick and milky consistency, it surprisingly felt lightweight and instantly hydrating on skin. The ampoule felt somewhat tacky at first, but then it absorbed into skin to a slightly dewy finish, and made my skin feel hydrated, extremely smooth and soft. On days when my skin needs extra nourishment, I pump up ampoule to the “Special Day” mark on the syringe to achieve extra glowy and supple skin.

Final Verdict

I was happy with my skin results after using these ampoules from GRAYMELIN and TROIAREUKE for a month. Although I don’t see major changes yet, my skin feels and looks healthier and more revitalized than it was before this trial. If I have to choose one ampoule between the two to integrate into my current nighttime routine, I’d pick GRAYMELIN’s Natural Ampoule asit’s super gentle on skin and its lightweight consistency is great to use during the warmer season. 

GRAYMELIN’s Natural Ampoules felt lightweight on skin and delivered substantial benefits. Although the ampoules are recommended for nighttime when skin undergoes the regeneration process, I’d also recommend using it in the morning, so the skin retains that added moisture to stay hydrated throughout the day.

The TROIAREUKE ACSEN Sen Ampoule did a great job at instantly hydrating and moisturizing my skin. Evening routines are all about achieving that glazed donut look, and this skin-boosting ampoule delivered the dewy finish. It’s especially ideal for use during drier and colder seasons when skin needs extra nutrients. However, the ACSEN Sen Ampoule’s thick and milky consistency might not suit oily skin types or those with skin prone to congestion, as the formula may feel too heavy to use in the summer.

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