‘I was Putin’s spy but fell in love with man I was meant to seduce

A FORMER Russian spy who reinvented herself as a glamorous globe-trotter has revealed the secrets of her life as an agent – and how she fell in love with the man she was meant to seduce, forcing her to flee.

Aliia Roza, 36, has become a fashion PR maestro and splits her time between London, California, and Milan.

Aliia Roza, 36, has turned her life around and created a successful fashion PR empire


Aliia Roza, 36, has turned her life around and created a successful fashion PR empireCredit: Jam Press
Her lavish lifestyle is a far cry from the 'corrupt' regime in the Russian military


Her lavish lifestyle is a far cry from the ‘corrupt’ regime in the Russian militaryCredit: Jam Press

She now rubs shoulders with stars and famous figures including Prince Charles and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, but had an extremely rocky road to success.

Born in the USSR and the daughter of a high-ranking military General, Aliia’s career path was already carved out for her.

After joining the Russian military under her father’s wishes, she had to immerse herself in the “corrupt” regime.

She claims she was raped before being ordered to pretend to be a prostitute in an elaborate scheme to master and manipulate men – her prime targets.

“Sometimes when I watch these movies like Red Sparrow I am like ‘oh my god, how do they know all these things?

“Within two weeks of arriving at the academy I was raped by my colleague,” Aliia told Jam Press.


“But what could I do? Go to the police to report the police?

“The system was so corrupt, it still is, and I couldn’t tell my dad in case it ruined his reputation.”

She says she and the other girls attending Putin’s military academy were forced to train in the art of seduction, in order to trick unsuspecting targets into sharing classified information with them.

“In my educational centre, they would teach us how to seduce men, how to psychologically manipulate them, how to get them to talk so we could hand over information to police,” she explained.

“For my first task, I had to pretend I was a prostitute so I could go to a club and seduce the leader of a criminal gang which was supplying drugs into the country.”

During a top-secret mission in 2004, the then 19-year-old was sidelined by her attraction to one of her targets, who she names only as Vladimir.

In my opinion, criminals are much nicer than police.

Aliia Roza

The pair went on to risk their lives and careers for their love and began leading a life of crime, wealth, and comfort together.

“For a few months I lived the life that I had never lived before, I was only 19 – I was only a little girl at the time,” she recalled.

“It was just crazy, I was hanging out with these baddies who would fight each other and kill each other. In my opinion, criminals are much nicer than police.

“They say in Russia that police have no principles, where criminals have principles; they protect their families, especially women and children.

“I fell for Vladimir, he really did help me. He was the only person I told about being raped.”


But nine months into their whirlwind romance, her double life was exposed by Vladimir’s gang – who she says then kidnapped and beat her.

“Vladimir’s gang members found out I was in the military quite soon, they probably tracked me,” Aliia said.

“They put me into the car, they dropped me into the forest, it was so dark, and 10 men started beating me. Vladimir saved me from being killed.”

Her former lover then met his own fate a month later and was murdered – in what she says was rumoured to have been by his own men.

She said: “He was killed by one of his own brothers, which is what they call each other in gangs, or it could have been someone else undercover, I will never know for sure.

“I was heartbroken, this man had shown me kindness, and now he was just gone.”

But she had larger problems at hand – as she explained: “After my cover was blown, my boss in the military knew there was something going on.

“If you mess up in anything they don’t let you go. They send you to jail, where you’d be killed.


“Before he died, Vladimir gave me contacts in Moscow of people to contact in case anything happened to him, and told me to speak to no one else.

“Police started to track me and his friends hid me for just under a year.

“When things were calm enough I started to live my life, but I knew I could never go back.”

The former spy managed to move on in Moscow, striking up a relationship with a Russian oligarch, who she married in 2006 and later fell pregnant with.

But her happy ending was again short-lived – as her husband was jailed, where he later died.

But fate handed her another opportunity when she was given her late hubby’s financial assets and company shares.

She and her newborn son, Platon, moved to Switzerland and London, before finally settling in the US to live a life of luxury.

Aliia created her own PR company after being inspired by her passion for fashion and soon landed huge international clients.


Now living in California, she has become a well-known name on the fashion circuit and mingles with the likes of Mike Tyson, Mayor Sadiq Khan, and even Prince Charles.

She resides in a $20 million Beverly Hills mansion with her now 11-year-old son and struts down red carpets in her spare time.

“Growing up, I was never spoiled, I was never treated to anything, there was no fashion, no anything apart from your pride,” Aliia said. “So now I feel like Cinderella in the modern world!

“I am very grateful and blessed to have what I have. It’s been a long way to be where I am now.

“Despite to extremely dramatic events in my life, I wouldn’t change anything.

“Even negative life experience is still an experience and I am here for it to complete my life mission.”

But she still can’t travel back to Russia for fear of her safety – so instead enjoys holidays in Greece and Dubai to reconnect with her family.

But despite her opulent lifestyle and significant change of pace, she says she “always worries about my past catching up with me.”

Her social media career has also imploded, seeing her boast 700,000 Instagram followers, she claims it hasn’t gone unnoticed by members of the Russian military.

“I sometimes get very nasty messages from men from the military on my Instagram. I was scared to get any social media.

“But I had to get my freedom, I want to live my life. I have my residency card so they can’t really do anything.

“They could always kill me but they haven’t yet. Some of them are probably angry at me for not being like them, for being brave.

“Life is short – I want to live it as I want.”

She now lives in a $20 million mansion in Beverly Hills with her 11-year-old son


She now lives in a $20 million mansion in Beverly Hills with her 11-year-old sonCredit: Jam Press
But Aliia is constantly looking over her shoulder and cannot return to Russia


But Aliia is constantly looking over her shoulder and cannot return to RussiaCredit: instagram

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