Jennifer Lopez’s ‘In The Morning’ Video Is an Ethereal Fashion Fantasy

Jennifer Lopez closed out 2020 with a rocking New Year’s performance, and started 2021 on an even more fabulous note. The singer has released her new music video for “In The Morning” on Triller, and it’s an ethereal fashion fantasy full of designer labels. (The video drops on all platforms on Friday.)

The surreal video was styled by Lopez’s longtime stylists, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, and includes the trio’s signature glamorous aesthetic. Lopez plays an angel sent from above who happens to have exquisite taste in couture. It opens with Lopez floating in a celestial space, wearing a pastel Iris van Herpen gown that moves – no, dances – in the wind. In another scene, she lounges on a bed while sporting a crystal dress by Augusto Manzanares, a Peruvian designer, paired with dramatic Mother Plucker wings. She also wears the wings solo, with nothing underneath. (The nude, winged moment is a nod to a photo shoot J Lo did with photographer Tony Turan back in 1999.)

“It’s full of symbolism about a dark one-sided relationship and the realization that you can’t change anyone else… you can only change yourself,” Lopez wrote of the stylish video concept on Instagram. “Grow your own wings and walk away from anyone or anything that doesn’t truly value all you have to offer.” By decking herself in the best designers have to offer, J Lo shows just how much she prizes herself. Other standout moments from the video include a white, curve-hugging gown by designer Marco Marco; a glamorous tinfoil look, consisting of a metallic Graham Cruz top with a matching Lever Couture skirt; She even plays high-fashion mermaid, “swimming” in the air wearing a silver Manuel Albarran top and Iggy Soliven tail.  

Wearing a Marco Marco gown

© Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Lopez

The best fashion moment of all, however, comes near the end of the video. Lopez emerges in a tiered, feathered Valentino coat that stands several feet high, complete with a Marianna Harutunian crystal mask. (Harutunian is a jewellery designer who has also made custom pieces for Lady Gaga.)  Because the only thing better than J Lo is a gigantic, Valentino-clad J Lo.

Wearing Iris van Herpen

© Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Lopez

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