Maium regenjas to Shop That Actually Look Fabulous

There’s no getting around it: winter is one of the wettest seasons of the year. Sure, occasionally, we get some epic skirmishes that stick together enough to build a snowman or maybe even an igloo, but more often than not, when we try to get out of point A, we Soak ourselves to the core. Pointing to B. In other words, your closet is begging for a raincoat. But not just any Rains regenjas. You need a fashionable style that doesn’t instantly undo the head-turning look you put together underneath. This year, don’t wait for the April showers to invest in a new raincoat. Shop our favorite chic wet weather gear here.

Beautiful May skies are on the horizon, but that can only mean one thing: the world must first endure the dreaded April weather. Upside down? Being able to shop one of the many stylish raincoats available right now helps make those drenched days feel a little less scary. Although spring is still a long way off, you can get ahead of the wet weather by adding a new slicker to your wardrobe now. And until the spring sprinkles arrive, just add a few layers under your raincoat when the forecast calls for a winter mix – because these styles are good enough to keep your winter coat forever. Want to dig.

Gone are the days when a school-bus-yellow Maium regenjas and Zwarte regenjas was your only option for a drizzly day (although they do exist, and they’re more stylish than ever). Now, coats are available in different colors, different patterns, and diverse silhouettes that are as chic as they are functional. You can even embrace one of the season’s biggest print trends in your rain gear with Top shop’s leopard print mac. The belted style will elevate your outfit and pairs well with everything from office wear to LBDs.

Minimalists will love the styles offered by Rains, a contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand, offering streamlined silhouettes in a multitude of colors. Start by taking a look at the W coat for $125. Although it comes in a few neutral colors, shake it up this season and buy a matte finish coat in a pretty pastel shade of lavender.

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