Members Of BTS Are Trend Setters; Who Do You Believe Is The Group’s Fashion Icon?

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BTS is renowned for its eye-catching fashion in music videos, photo sessions, and spectacular live performances. The members have shown themselves as fashionistas in their own right, grateful to their everyday fashion, even when stylists aren’t on hand to assist them to get ready. The BTS members have created their own unique fashion senses, as special as each of the seven guys themselves, behind all the glitz and glam of the stage. Let’s decode the BTS members’ individual styles by looking at airport fashion, V Live outfits, daily fashion tweets, and more!

Jin: classic simplicity

Jin’s style, starting with the eldest, is clean-cut and put-together, resulting in dignified appearances befitting the eldest Hyung. He favors simple designs, resulting in stunning ensembles that accentuate his model-like figure. Jin’s dress sense is similarly upscale: he has expressed a preference for Givenchy, a high-end fashion house!

When he wears something more casual, Jin keeps it basic, opting for an oversized hoodie or T-shirt to maintain his tidy image.

Suga: straightforward style

Suga prefers to dress comfortably, favoring large, warm clothing. While he favors Japanese streetwear brands such as Visvim and Mastermind Japan (his favorites), he is frequently photographed wearing Gucci, Balenciaga, and Cartier bags, shoes, and accessories. Suga’s clothes are usually in muted tones, reflecting his often laid-back demeanor. You can definitely guess what his favorite color is… black, of course. That’s not to say Suga wears black all the time; he understands how to break up the monotony with a variety of neutral colors. He also enjoys wearing headgear.

J-Hope: sunshine streetwear

It’s no surprise that J-Hope’s style mirrors his upbeat, sunny personality. His style is laid-back but inventive and unorthodox, with bright colors and daring combinations of pieces that most of us wouldn’t dare to wear together — but his exuberant personality makes him look effortlessly put together.
J-Hope is known for wearing streetwear companies like Supreme and Yeezy, but he also regularly wears Yeezy and Off-White. Hobi does, however, mix in some high-end designer brands on occasion, as evidenced by his pairing of a Stüssy headband and Puma sneakers with a Balenciaga top and Supreme x Louis Vuitton sunglasses shown below. The result is certainly one of the most amazing airport fashion outfits of the year:

RM: street with a twist

RM’s style has evolved substantially throughout the years, with a recurring theme of attempting new styles and daringly merging unrelated materials. His dress sense, like his varied personality, is difficult to categorize, ranging from streetwear to softer, almost boho ensembles. RM’s favorite Japanese streetwear labels are WTAPS, Neighbourhood, and Yamamoto, and he has recently been noticed wearing a lot of Visvim. RM’s trendy Twitter postings with the #KimDaily hashtag give us samples of his attire, from the streets of New York to laid-back, comfortable outfits. Another thing to remember is that no one knows how to wear denim on denim like RM!

Jimin: effortlessly cool

Jimin’s fashion is effortlessly relaxed and trendy, and he often wears a loose-fitting shirt tucked into tight slacks — a casual outfit that looks effortlessly smart on Jimin’s toned body.
To complete his effortlessly fashionable look, he frequently wears a pair of square-framed eyeglasses or an edgy jacket. He also has a lot of silver jewelry on him, including a lot of silver rings and earrings.

V: luxury comfort
V’s apparel, which can be summed up in a single word: Gucci, blends high-end fashion with comfort. V regularly dresses in high-end apparel from head to toe, as evidenced by the following four looks:
Apart from his adoration for the Italian designer, V has the most distinct style among the BTS members: his outfits are typically variants on wide, flowing black pants paired with button-down dress shirts with colorful patterns in bold colors.

Jungkook: Casually practical

Junkook’s style is the most relaxed of the group’s members. In the past, the maknae’s costume was known for one thing: it was wonderfully predictable!
Jungkook’s go-to white T-shirt and Timberland boots, on the other hand, exude such natural, understated masculinity that we can’t blame him for wearing them over and over again.

Jungkook’s style has developed throughout time to include more colors and styles, such as beanies, jackets, and huge hoodies, as well as a variety of bright footwear.

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