Men’s watches that look stylish and versatile


Men like to keep a good collection of watches in their wardrobe. It is a good choice to match your watch collection with the kind of suits you wear. Watches are a stylish accessory that will make you look classy without putting in much effort. The timepiece you choose must fit your wrist and you can read the time easily. With the help of Rivoli code you can get a big discount on the price of all the watches. There are a lot of mechanical watches where no battery is needed. Make sure the hand movement is smooth and you can find this feature in the quartz watches. Most of these watches look very stylish.

Beleganza CHF 375.00

Beleganza CHF 375.00 is made with stainless steel that features a black PVD coating. The shape of the dial is round. It has a visual appeal that will go well with your formal suits.  Thickness of this watch is 7.60 while the diameter is 40.00 cm. There is a sapphire used at the top of the watch that will grab your attention at the very first glance. You will like that the color of the dial is black and good quality leather is used to make it.

Classic R gent 47500 CHF

Classic R gent is made with two tone steel and the coating is pink in color. The shape of the dial is round that gives it a classy appeal. It features a five bar sealing and the quartz movement will become the center of attention. The color of dial is silver and it features a folding clasp that makes it easy to wear the watch. There are two push buttons that allows the user to set the time. You can make use of the Rivoli code and get a big discount on this watch.

Classic R Gent Small Second 395, 00 CHF

Class R gent small second is one of the best watches for men. You can use it both formally and casually. The diameter of this watch is 40 while the bracelet is made of Acier. Once you wear this watch you will start to notice a difference in your style. It will go well with your formal suits while attending different occasions.

  Beleganza Gent II

If you are looking for a classy watch Beleganza Gent II will be a suitable choice. It is made with durable stainless steel and covered with pink PVD coating. The five bar sealing becomes the protective shield and won’t damage the watch even if it falls down. This watch has a sturdy dial and the color is brown. The inner material is made with leather (calf skin).


Sedirea is a perfect watch that will make all the men a center of attention. It is made with steel and the shape of the dial is round. The diameter of this watch is 31 while quartz movement makes it visually appealing. You can visit and win the Rivoli code. It will help you shop big and save big.


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