American Girlfriend Of Maurizio Gucci Set To Give Her First Interview As Fashion Family Slams ‘House Of Gucci’

As moviegoers soak in the drama and fashion of “House of Gucci,” some of the real-life players connected to the story are speaking out, including the former American girlfriend of Maurizio Gucci, who ran the iconic Italian fashion house until his murder in 1995.

Sheree Loud, who dated Gucci for five years before he ended his marriage with Patrizia Reggiani, explains in a Friday episode of “Dateline NBC” entitled Murder in the House of Gucci” that Reggiani “was unkind” and “always” insulted Gucci.

“He said he didn’t love her anymore,” she said in her first broadcast interview. “He said he just had had enough.”

Reggiani set up Gucci’s murder in 1995, one year after their rocky divorce. He was gunned down by a hired hitman as he arrived for work at his Milan office in March of that year. Reggiani was then convicted of orchestrating the murder

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‘House of Gucci’ fashion is true to the brand’s ‘toxic family’

Gucci! “It was a name that sounded so sweet, so seductive,” purrs Lady Gaga in the opening of “House of Gucci,” the new movie about the 1995 murder that rocked the historic fashion house.

“[It was] synonymous with wealth, style, power,” she continues in voiceover. “But the name was a curse, too.”

What an understatement! “House of Gucci” unfolds like a Shakespearean tragedy, filled with backstabbing, betrayal, murder and more — all done in the most extravagant, over-the-top opulence: silk cravats and piles of jewels, enormous furs and va-va-voom dresses, double-G Gucci logos on ev-er-y-thing.

“What a toxic family they were,” Janty Yates, the costume designer for the film, told The Post. She added that the real-life personalities were just as flagrant — and flamboyant — as their on-screen counterparts: “We took [their looks] fairly directly from photographic reference.”

Lady Gaga in "House of Gucci."
Lady Gaga is a social-climbing fashionista in “House
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Industry Insiders Break Down How To Get Into The Business At ESSENCE Fashion House

Three fashion insiders shared their paths to creating progress at the 2021 ESSENCE Fashion House. Chris Collins, Founder of World Of Chris Collins, Groovey Lew Fashion Consultant and Celebrity Stylist, and Brandice Daniel CEO and Founder of Harlem’s Fashion Row, revealed how they worked their way into the industry during the “Black Fashion & Beyond: The Journey To Success” panel. 

Lew revealed that networking across helped him succeed. “That’s one thing I did is reach out to my Black designers,” he said. “And see if I can assist them, or if I can work with them and that’s what helped me build.” He named June Ambrose, April Walker, and Karl Kani as examples of those he connected with and said those in his community seemed more approachable than “Polo,” or “Tommy Hilfiger,” at the time.  

Collins, a former Ralph Lauren model who is also a heavyweight in

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