Thelma West Is On A Mission To Change The Jewelry World

Perhaps the ultimate Renaissance woman of the jewelry world, Thelma West is not just a jewelry designer who specializes in incredible gemstones, she’s also a certified gemologist, diamond dealer, and founder of a gemological laboratory. Where did she find the time? Her newest venture, Thelma West Diamonds, is the pinnacle of her career and combines her extensive knowledge of the jewelry industry and gemology with her unique design aesthetic influenced by her childhood in Nigeria and her exploration of European-style jewelry. 

In Nigeria, jewelry wasn’t solely reserved for special occasions. It was an integral part of their wardrobes and personal style, as well as a source of financial security. “Being Nigerian born, jewelry plays a big role in how we express ourselves, not just in terms of fashion. We also see it as a very meaningful store of value, knowing that if there

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I, An English Backpacker, Am On A Mission To Make This Australia’s Most Popular Haircut

Keeping up with hairstyle trends can be trickier than keeping up with the Kardashians. What looks good one week could recieve unfavourable looks the next, simply due to it being styled the wrong way. Medium to longer-length men’s styles – including the ubiquitous man bun – are slowly fading away from the mainstream (mullets excepted) and short hairstyles are coming back with a vengeance.

Short hairstyles can include anything from fade haircuts to crew cuts to buzz cuts and a complete extended list too long for this page. Short haircuts for men also change from country to country, with the stereotype being Europeans prefer slick hairstyles with enough styling product to warrant a ‘flammable’ cautionary sticker, Americans, for their part, favour the ‘bed head, can’t be bothered’ look, and guys in Australia aim to use their hair to help further accentuate their attractiveness and cover up their lack of personality.

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