Tom Ford Is Home, Watching Netflix With the Dog

A night out: Tom Ford at the 2021 Met Gala, with Heron Preston.
Photo: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

If any fashion designer incarnates the idea of fashion designer — the suave, swaggering archetype, opining Olympianly on matters of taste, the unbuttoned shirt and the gimlet eye, equally prepared to dress you up or dress you down — it is Tom Ford. Over the course of nine or so lives in fashion, Ford has played the role with Halston-esque poise. (A few years ago, he bought Halston’s old New York pad, as if to cement the lineage.) Ford’s highs and lows have been exhaustively catalogued: his meteoric rise at Gucci, where he presided over the label’s return to relevance in the ’90s and early ’00s, and, at Gucci Group, helped to create the model of the contemporary luxury group; his penchant for provocation and his embrace of glamour and

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Tom Ford Talks Crisis Mode

“It’s too premature for me to tell you.”

So said Tom Ford in March of last year when, as the newly elected chairman of the CFDA, he discussed his plans for the CFDA.

Tom, you don’t say.

When he accepted the post, there’s no way he could have had a clue of what he was in for. He knew the American fashion industry was challenged for myriad reasons — oversaturation, a relentless schedule, a reliance on a failing wholesale model, European domination fueled by the major luxury fashion group power base. For years, those and other factors had been chipping away at the global profile of American fashion and Ford determined to make increasing its international profile a major priority of his tenure. In addition, he wanted to focus on young designers and on addressing the issue of insufficient diversity across the industry’s designer ranks. Once installed, in

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