These 7 fashion trends are set to take 2022 by storm

Pleats, knits, pearls and vests are trending in 2022 fashion and style.

Pleats, knits, pearls and vests are trending in 2022 fashion and style.

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While we’ve been lying on our couches, embracing that pandemic-induced 24/7 sweatpants life, designers are taking an optimistic approach for fashion’s future. Lifting us out of our comfy rut, this year’s wardrobe refresh is a blend of nostalgic looks and elevated basics.

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To help with the revival of your closet, we asked a few style experts for their top fashion trends for 2022. What you can look forward includes pleated maxi skirts, explosions of joyful colors, clean-cut collegiate styles and iridescent pearls that remind you the world is your oyster, even if your

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Predicting the Trends of 2022

Cory Kennedy and Sky Ferreira, a DressX model, Bella from Twilight, Kim Petras's "Coconuts", Vibram shoes, and Ashley Tisdale in the mid 2000s
Cory Kennedy and Sky Ferreira, a DressX model, Bella from Twilight, Kim Petras’s “Coconuts”, Vibram shoes, and Ashley Tisdale in the mid 2000s. Photo: Alamy and @DressX. Image: Sam Boxer 

When does something actually become “cool”? Sometimes it’s a response to high fashion or the times we live in – just look at Crocs, the UGG revival and the reemergence of Juicy Couture, owing to the pandemic demand for clothes so soft you forget you have a corporeal form and the internet’s proclivity for Y2K fashion. Sometimes there’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to it at all. Think of the time when everyone was doing sea shanties on TikTok and internet culture writers did thinkpieces about how this symbolised our longing for a simpler way of life, when actually it mostly got big because it was funny and sea shanties slap. 

Trying to predict trends can over-egg the

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5 trends we loved from the Spring/Summer 2022 shows

a group of people walking down the street

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Welcome back, New York Fashion Week!

We were all kind, all optimistic and all armoured with very nice words about the virtual reality existence that fashion brands and their shows have surrendered to in the past year-or-so. The excitement and sweet, sweet sincerity about the return of runways; the return of a real-life audience; the return of after-parties, however, make it quite clear: there’s nothing like a show experienced in real-time, in-person. The runway looks certainly did not disappoint in the few days counting down to the also-revived Met Gala — it was the bold, the brash and the beatific that led the way. Understandably. For the joy — the fun! — in clothes; in the institution, the designers, the people that keep this industry alive.

Below, just a handful of trends we saw, loved and can’t wait to wear.

Trend #1: Hey, Your

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6 Fashion trends that have been recurring in B town

The fashion world is constantly changing and new trends are finding their ways into our lives time and again. However, there are some trends that make us feel so comfortable yet stylish that we just cannot seem to let them go. Here, we have listed a few fashion trends that have been widely portrayed by our favourite celebrities this year and are not only stylish but also extremely comfortable. Not only that, as a fashion-lover and enthusiast, I firmly believe that adding these trends into your wardrobe is going to be a major investment since these trends are definitely here to stay and super versatile! 


Puffy Sleeves 

The puff-sleeve trend made its entry into the fashion world in 2018 and at the time it seemed like just the season’s newest must-have. Since then, it has been a major part of a lot of fashionista’s wardrobes. The larger-than-life sleeve has presented

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