The Most 3 Elegant Halftime Looks To Wear This Weekend

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Discover 3 outfits that cannot be missing in your wardrobe to be the star of any event. The summer season is characterized by being full of events and celebrations. In addition, this year there are many weddings, baptisms or plans that could not be carried out at the time due to the pandemic.

As if that were not enough, the weekend begins, a longer than normal one, and it will surely arrive loaded with plans and moments that must be accompanied by the best autumn looks.

Fashion lovers are a source of inspiration when deciding what will be our ideal outfit for these next few days. Here we leave you the top 3 that we have chosen:

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Look 1

Feeling different is possible with this look that exudes personality and style. Along with black, chocolate brown is one of the colors that best suits us and that we will see the most this fall-winter. The influencer, vlone  has already surprised us with a look in which she combines both colors achieving a most elegant and sexy result.

Pants + blazer: it is the perfect combination and with which you will be sure to succeed in any situation. A set or suit should be an attic in our closet this fall to get us out of any trouble.

In this case, the influencer has chosen a look made up of:

  • -A full length trousers, leather effect, trend fabric this season, and high-waisted.
  • -A black jacket also made of leather, with long sleeves and no lapels.
  • -And the jewel of the style is the corset-style top, with a sweetheart neckline and very thin straps.

Look 2

Knowing how to combine colors and patterns this season is a key to achieving the most striking and original outfits. Transforming yellow into one of the trendy shades of autumn is what the influencer Vlone has done with a look of pants and blouse that is ideal for any event that comes our way in the coming months.

It is an outfit with a lot of style and very flattering. The influencer has combined it with some yellow earrings, so as not to burden the monochrome of the outfit, and with very elegant strappy sandals.

The most remarkable thing about this look is that both pieces can be worn separately and with trainers, a sweater or mom jeans you can get a much more relaxed and simple outfit. Being able to reuse your party clothes on other occasions is a very good point for this set.

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Look 3

With a casual and relaxed look you can also feel the elegance. Mixing comfort with sophistication is one of the most demanded characteristics this fall, since this type of looks can accompany you on any occasion, both day-to-day and in a special moment.

A classic, elegant and comfortable vlone jacket will enhance more your look and beauty. As well as long sleeves, khaki color and retro print, with ruffles, buttons and rubber bands on the cuffs. This garment does not lack detail and you do not need anything else to have an ideal look. You can combine it with heels if you want a more elegant outfit or with trendy sports shoes if you want a more relaxed and informal result.

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