The BTS boyband is undoubtedly the most loved and adored male K-pop entertainment squad in the world at present and needless to say, the efforts and hard work of BTS members Jungkook, Jimin and RM have played a huge role in helping BTS what they are today. All their songs are effortlessly entertaining and that’s why, there’s not been a single month since 2020 where their song has not been featured in Billboard’s Hot 100 and Hot 200 list.

Not just for their songs and dance videos ladies and gentlemen, the special three musketeers of BTS boyband are also equally followed for dominating the vogue game with their experimental fashion choices. Well, as far as experiments are concerned, they seem to be trying out multiple stuff with their black outfit game and we feel there’s a lot to learn from them. Take a look below and you will know why –

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