3 beginner friendly wigs for you


Human hair in a sense represents a person’s vitality. Lush hair will always look better than thin hair. For some people with severe hair loss or no hair, a wig is a very good accessory. It can cover up the flaws on your head well and make you look beautiful. If you are a wig novice, then this article just can help you. Because, I will introduce 3 types of wigs for beginners.

Why you should have a beginner friendly wig?

There are many types of wigs. But it should be noted that not all wigs are suitable for beginners. After all, the installation and care of wigs is not a simple matter. Buying a beginner friendly wig can give you a better experience in wig installation and wig maintenance. Moreover, beginner friendly wigs will greatly reduce the threshold for you to learn wig knowledge and enter the world of wigs, allowing you to enjoy wigs more easily.

headband wigs

Headband wigs are great for beginners. The structure of this wig is simple and easy to install. Since there is no lace part, you don’t have to “pre-pluck”, “bleach knot”, etc. on this wig. There’s also no need to use glue to hold your wig in place when you need to wear it. You can just put it on and secure the wig with the clips inside the cap. Plus, the elastic headband will give you more stability.

Headband wigs is a wig that is suitable for both everyday wear and sports. You won’t look weird wearing it to go shopping, walk the dog, or jog. Even better, you can totally enhance your glamour and style by changing the headband to match your outfit.

Throw on and go wigs

Throw on and go wig is a wig innovatively proposed and developed by luvmehair. The biggest feature of this wig is that it is very easy to install. I mean, very very simple. It can almost be put on and go. When I say “throw on and go”, I’ve actually pointed out two of its advantages. One is that its installation is very simple. Another is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to refinish.

There are too many wigs on the market with very charming and beautiful display pictures. But when you actually buy it, you will find that it is difficult for you to achieve the effect shown in the picture. This is because the wigs shown in the pictures are often handled by professional stylists and use special lighting techniques. In reality, it’s hard to have the same ability and experience with wigs as a hair stylist. This has led to many wig users having to spend more time learning the knowledge and skills of wig care and remodeling their wigs after purchasing wigs.

Fortunately, throw on and go wig does not require a lot of time and product to take care of at all. The throw on and go wig you buy can be worn almost straight out the door without any maintenance.

Closure lace wigs

Although I don’t recommend buying lace wigs for wig newbies, closure wigs may be an exception. Because of its limited lace area, it can be installed without glue. That said, its installation skips the step of using glue. This is a great thing for newbies to wigs. If you are new to wigs and are curious about lace wigs, the closure lace wig may be a good place to start.

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