Every Main Character, Ranked By Fashion Sense

Sex Education is one of the most revolutionary series currently airing on television. The Netflix series has been an enormous ratings and critical success for the streaming service, and it has dared to explore sex, sexuality, and gender in ways that are rarely seen in television. And, of course, it does so via its characters, who have continued to grow and develop during the series’ three seasons.

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In addition to being fascinating people, the main characters also show various degrees of fashion sense, with some knowing exactly how to dress to impress, while others clearly need some fashion lessons.

10 Adam

Adam is one of the series’ more fascinating characters (and half of the great couple that is Adam and Eric), for while he begins the series as a bully, he gradually opens up and becomes more sensitive, establishing a relationship with the openly gay Eric. Though he grows and changes as a character, it has to be said that his sense of style is rather limited, and he essentially wears the same kinds of clothes in all three seasons, including his ever-present jacket, reflecting how stubborn he can sometimes be.

9 Otis

Sex Education Ruby and Otis

Otis is both very clever and very charismatic, and he establishes himself as someone that his fellow students can trust with their various sexual hang-ups and crises. However, like Adam he seems to have a bit of trouble finding a clothing style that really stands out. He’s usually dressed in rather plain outfits that are remarkable for being so unremarkable. Given how repressed he is about so many things – including his feelings for Maeve – his unimaginative clothing choices make sense.

8 Aimee

Aimee sits in the asbestos-ridden bathroom in Sex Education

Aimee is another of the series’ characters that grows and changes throughout the seasons, and thought she faces some very challenging events – including a sexual assault on a bus – she perseveres. She also has quite a fashion sense, and she typically chooses bold colors such as red. Aimee also seems to enjoy wearing various types of floral patterns.

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Both of these choices help to show that her character remains fundamentally optimistic, always looking to find the bright side.

7 Jackson

As a star athlete and, at first, the Head Boy of Moordale, Jackson has a clothing style that is at once simple and elegant (in keeping with his personality). He usually prefers to wear tight-fighting shirts (usually a polo) and, of course, he always wears his athletic jacket. This reflects his character’s fundamentally simple view of life, as well as the centrality of his athletic career to his life, at least for the first couple of seasons.

6 Ola

An image of Ola smiling in Sex Education

Ola is another of Sex Education’s more fascinating characters, since she openly identifies as pansexual and has relationships with both Otis and, later, Lily. She’s remarkably stylish. In addition to a wide variety of hairstyles, she also enjoys dressing in a style that can best be described as androgynous. This not only makes her stand out among the other students of Moordale, but also helps to demonstrate the extent to which she is a young woman who isn’t afraid to forge her own path in terms of how she expresses herself. Hopefully, season four will give Ola even more chances to develop as a character.

5 Jean

Gillian Anderson’s Jean is one of the series’ most interesting characters, in particular in her relationship with Otis (which is, to put it mildly, difficult). She has a commanding presence, and she likes to control as many aspects of her life as possible. At the same time, she also has a lax attitude when it comes to sex, and she firmly believes in taking sex seriously. This is reflected in her on-point fashion sense, and she can frequently be seen wearing loose-fitting clothing and blouses. She definitely deserves more screen time in the next Sex Ed season.

4 Lily

Of all of the characters, Lily has arguably the most unique and the most flamboyant fashion sense, which makes her stand out among the other students at Moordale, at least until the new head teacher imposes uniforms on everyone. Up until then, Lily can frequently be seen wearing unorthodox clothing choices, including multi-colored sweaters.

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And, of course, there are her hair choices, and she frequently wears it in a style reminiscent of Princess Leia. Her fashion choices demonstrate just how willing she is to chart her own path, even if it makes other people look at her strangely.

3 Ruby

Every high school has its clique of very popular and very judgmental teens, and Moordale is no different. Ruby is the leader of this group, but she has a surprisingly rich backstory. Her father’s illness, and her sensitivity about it, shows that there’s more to her than meets the eye. Like the other members of her inner circle, she has a fierce fashion sense, typically preferring bright, arresting colors. In doing so, she clearly wants to assert that she is a force to be reckoned with, even as her clothes also provide some armor against anyone seeing the real her. Here’s hoping she – and her story – get more screen time in Sex Ed season 4.

2 Maeve

Maeve from Sex Education stands in Mr Groff's office with her papers

As formidable as Ruby is, she’s matched in that regard by Maeve, who asserts her own independence at every turn, which affects her relationships (including her dynamic with Otis). This includes her fashion sense, and she is almost always wearing dark and somber colors, including her tasseled gray jacket. What’s more, she also frequently dyes her hair – usually purple or pink – and, in doing so, she sends a message to everyone that she is proud and stubborn and isn’t going to change herself just so that others might think better of her.

1 Eric

Eric looking upset in Sex Education

Otis’ best friend Eric definitely earns his place as the most fashion-conscious of the main characters of Sex Education. He’s openly gay and not afraid to show it, and he frequently wears shirts in bright shades, including purple, orange, and red. And, of course, there’s his costume that he puts together to go see Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which not only captures the essence of that character, but also shows just how fashion-conscious he is. His clothes are an essential part of his personality, a means by which he expresses himself to the world.

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